Hey CSR Nation,

I just recently passed my CSR, this past July, and I'm just waiting on my professional equipment to get started.

In the meantime I'm just sitting out as much as possible, adding words to my dictionary, and getting my resume ready to send out. While searching online for sample CR resumes I didn't really find a lot of help and I was wondering if there were any reporters here that wouldn't mind giving me some pointers for my resume, or even some good examples.

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I'm a student getting ready to take the CSR and have been revising my resume lately as well.

I really liked this resume from Mirabai Knight:

He's a CART provider and doesn't do legal reporting, but I still felt good about "borrowing" some of his wording and layout :D
Mike said: He's a CART provider and doesn't do legal reporting, but I still felt good about "borrowing" some of his wording and layout :D

Mike, buddy --!

Mirabai's a girl.

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
!! Oops! My bad!
Gosh, in my entire career, I've only had to submit one resume, and that was to the first firm I ever worked for. Got a panel interview sprung on me by surprise when I was supposed to go in the office to only be introduced to staff. Good thing I wore a suit "just in case." Of course, nothing on my resume was remotely even relevant to court reporting. That didn't seem to matter much. Seemed more like a formality than anything, the resume. I've worked with at lease a dozen different CR firms in my career, and they've been literally only a phone call away, and "When can you start?" or "Are you available tomorrow?" :)

In any case, Microsoft has some resume templates that you can download for free. I haven't looked at them, so I don't know if they're going to be of help to you, but here's the link: Microsoft Resume Templates

And congratulations!!! :)
Thanks for the input. That resume you linked was good @Mike. I think I'll take some pointers from that one as well.

The resume I have now does use one of the layouts that Microsoft has. They do have a lot of layouts to choose from.
I like Jeanese's comments.

Plus, include the boundaries of your travel.
Thanks a bunch.
My email addy is rajahnique@yahoo.com for anyone who wouldn't mind emailing me a sample.

@Jeanese...Do I put my work experience from before this that has all of nothing to do with court reporting?
I actually think you do add your prior jobs (especially if you have long-term employment stints), but keep it short and sweet. By showing that you have a solid working background, it shows that you're somebody they can count on and don't have to worry whether you're a quitter (or worse yet, somebody that doesn't play well with others).
I would like to have a sample as well. I am concerned about being a newbie starting out in this field and not having any experience. What are you supposed to put on your resume when you don't have any experience at all except for in the classroom?? I am in steno mask training by the way. Thanks!
Hi Congratulations on passing your CSR. I've been in the business for over 25 years. I'm new to CSRnation and live in Chicago and I just wanted to congratulate you. Good luck!
Thank you Donna. I am really enjoying it. So far so good.

And Jill what is Steno Mask training?
It is where you speak verbatim (whoever is speaking...judge, lawyer, etc..) into a mask. The mask has a silencer on it so when you speak, no one can hear you while reporting. Make sense? it's just like steno except you are speaking instead of typing.


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