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It should work with anything. Eclipse supports SRII.

I don't mean to sound critical and I'm sorry for being forward, but why are you using 10-20 year old software and equipment? I bought my StenoRam II in 1987. Haven't used it for over 10 yrs.
I use a Stenoram Ultra with Stenocat. The main reason I continue to use my old equipment is because I have absolutely NO trouble with it. No glitches, no headaches. I can honestly say I've never had a problem with the Ultra...or the old Stenocat software. I have had trouble with the new Stenocat software, though. And believe me, I'm not the only one out there who uses old equipment because of the "no glitch-no headache" benefit. I know several reporters on the old Stenocat.
Those court reporters using old Stenocat, what computer are they using? The Key is not compatable with newer computers. Old Stenocat is also DOS based.
Grace, what computer are you using?

JM Steno has a Toshiba Laptop (DOS based, etc.) for $270.00. They gave me a $30.00 refund on the Stenoram - so basically $240.00.

It also has a CD rom and a floppy. And they will do all the work.
Downside: 13-inch screen.

What do you think?
I got the StenoRam II because I literally have no money and no credit. (And I'm not exaggerating). As for the software, I had no idea it wasn't compatable with a newer computer.

The software has been sitting here for about six weeks in a box. I got the StenoRam II last week.

The Key is obviously not compatable with a newer computer. JM Steno told me the old software is not compatable with newer computers, and to use the old software, then I would need to get a DOS (ten year old) computer (laptop).
JM Steno told me the old software is not compatable with newer computers, and to use the old software, then I would need to get a DOS (ten year old) computer (laptop).

That was the reason for my question. DOS computers are difficult to find. It's almost like trying to find leaded gasoline. If your car requires/works better with it, you have to jump through hoops to get there.

I totally understand the financial problem, however, Mary Jo. Hope things look up and that you can find a computer that's compatible with your software. I'd recommend more searching on eBay, craigslist, etc. Good luck with everything!
Mary Jo, I'm doing some checking so if I find out different I'll let you know, but I think the old Stenocat (Open or Spectrum 4.0) requires a less than 500 mghtz computer. And it works best with a Windows 98 second edition (I've been told). I know girls who have bought a new laptop and split the hard drive (whatever that means) to be able to use it. You will love the software, though. I've never had a problem or glitch in mine EVER. My home computer that I use with the old Stenocat is 100 megahrtz but is totally fast enough that I'm never waiting for it. Don't feel alone. I know girls in federal and state court who still use it. And a ton of depo reporters, too. BTW, hate the new Stenocat 32. I use it for my laptop for realtime at my depos but come home, put the disk from my Ultra in the old computer, and do all my work on it. Don't even use the 32 except for realtime. Sounds crazy, but I'm not givin' up software I love and that works every time, but I needed to use a new laptop for realtime.
I did some researching. I also contacted Dell. (Unfortunately, I printed out the livechat, and his comments were in a different color, so it's blank).

Requirements for using Old Stenocat (or Open Stenocat):

DOS. Easy enough. That can be added to a newer computer.
Windows 98. That should be easy to get too.

System requirements. Someone mentioned "splitting the hard drive." I asked Dell what that means. I think it means adding an external hard drive to the existing system. When you save something it gets save on two different hard drives.

It should be easy enough to find a hard drive with the 500 mghtz system requirements needed for Open Stenocat.

Parallel Key: Janet mentioned an adapter. I really can't think of a reason why a USB/Parallel port adapter won't work for the key.

JM Steno mentioned doss users had a difficult time going to Windows. My first software was Wordstar. I started out with Doss. So that shouldn't be a problem.

Anyone have any comments?
Hi, Mary Jo.

Can't add much to this discussion, but "splitting the drive" probably means "partitioning" the drive.

That is where you set up, say, half of your hard drive to contain the operating system and files you use all the time, and the other half is set up for another operating system.

Partition Magic was the software of choice for that chore, but they've been acquired by Norton. Perhaps a Google search would be fruitful ....

On a more modern laptop, you might be able to get away with running a virtual machine ("VM"), using something like VMWare Fusion or Sun's Virtual Box.

Of course, the problem with the VM solution will most likely be the parallel port you need for your key ... but I think there are parallel port emulators out there (like the USB-Serial adapters) that you can buy (haven't seen one, but then again, I wasn't looking!). For something like that, I would suggest finding a computer repair store (no, not Best Buy; something that deals in older computers) and asking questions.

If you don't have such a shop in your area, you might call my local shop, RePC and speak to their technician. They should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Good luck, Mary Jo!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Glen, I have been to cheapandsleezy quite a few times. You have a nice website. I even went and looked for info on this particular issue. I can't get the $140.00 back I paid for the Open Stenocat.

I got info from your site for Globalcat. But, as you said, the website was jumped. I could download the student version, but it is not useable for professional use.

You have a lot of knowledge. Apparently there are quite a few reporters still using Open Stenocat and Premier Power. If you get free time, maybe you can find a way they can use it on newer computers. :)
Hi, Mary Jo.

Glad you enjoyed your visits to ol' Cheap and Sleazy ... and thanks for the compliment!

I read in (I think) the Help files for GlobalCAT that you could use" target="_blank">Create Dictionary to build your own dictionary, in .rtf format.

The way it works is similar to Speed Teacher: It flashes words on the screen, you steno the words, and it adds your stroke to an .rtf file, which you can then import into other CAT software.

Once you have your dictionary built, you can then download digitalCAT and import that dictionary ... and use the software for three months, build up your bank account, and go from there.

Wow, people are still using Premier Power?! I can see Open StenoCAT (though I think these days it's called OpenWrite 32), because they've been around for a while, and advertise in the JCR ... but Premier Power? That one was bought out by Stenograph, and killed!

Still, though, it might be a worthwhile project to look into ... as is your quest to use older hardware and software to get your career rebooted!

Hope it works out well for you ...

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I have been using StenoRam II since '87. It's a workhorse. Never had a problem. Have been using Stenocat 32 since '98. Also, can't use Eclipse with a StenoRam II.


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