On a police officer depo do you include "Officer-so-and-so" for the name

or "name, LAPD". For some reason I can't find an example of this. Thanks for

the input.

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I would just put the person's name, not "officer" at all.

Thanks, Kelli!

I actually put Officer if they are testifying as a police officer, or Sgt. or Lt.    If they are not a sergeant or lieutenant or a police chief, they are an officer.   I am sure practice varies though.

You know what, Martha, that's a good point.  I think you're right; if they're testifying as an officer, you probably should put "Officer John Smith" in the transcript.  I rarely get that type of work, as I mainly deal with experts.  If I have an officer depo again, I think I'll change how I set that up.


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