I am absolutely dead. No work. Anyone else feeling it?

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I can't help you out with what is going on this year, but for the last 25 years or so, this time of year until about the 2nd or 3rd week of January has always been horrendous as far as work is concerned. It is usually really dead.
Cancellations all over the place for me and it has been much slower. Hoping it will pick up after the holidays!
Welcome back, Kelli! I hope you had a GREAT vacation! :-)

I am actually busy right now, but I know that it is either feast or famine with me. Either I've got too much or not enough!
40 pages Monday, cancellation Tuesday, and 2-hour job tomorrow, Wed., that will probably be 1 hour. I know someone in my area who's really busy. All I know for sure is that the phone will start ringing again with good work. Getting things done now that I never have time for.
I think I feel like it is worse because I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and now I need to work and there is no work. Just hate that.

I know it will pick up. It always does. Just need to take a deep breath and enjoy the time off. Easier said than done, though.
I'd say hoping for work the last two weeks of December is unrealistic! Better to use those weeks for vacation if possible. Yes, must enjoy the down time because it is guaranteed to end much sooner than later.
The past six months have been really slow. Took a 12-page job this morning and now I have an "enforced vacation" for the next 20 days, unless some depo comes my way.
I am very slow. Lots of cancellations. I tend to be slow every Christmas. There may have been a couple of years where I was very busy. Enjoy the slow time. It will pick up again.
I'm with you, Kelli. I'm dead slow. I'm really hoping things pick up in 2010!!!

Happy holidays :)
Yes I find that work is always slow this time of year. I see it's like that nationwide
Well, I haven't gotten any unemployment money since November 30th. I just used up my original claim money (took 1 1/2 years). I'm not getting any food stamps either.

But I am getting substitute teaching, tutoring. And next week I'm going down to finalize the State to pay for my teacher certification.

Maybe I am better doing okay.

But the roommate I got in my house is an absolute f'g pig. She has been here a year and not cleaned her bathroom, nor washed her sheets.
I've been busy. Took four jobs last week, two all-days, one of which was realtime, and two half-days. So far I've worked both days this week. Today's job was a 300-page expert that was ordered 2-day -- yes, due Christmas Eve! I'm already getting calls for the first week of January, thank goodness.



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