Just found out that my new laptop is not compatible with my software!!

I just found out today that the laptop I purchased last week is not compatible with my Case Catalyst 9 software! New laptop has Windows 7, 14" Toshiba Ultrabook. So basically the only way, according to Stenograph, that I can make this work is to upgrade to CC 13 for a whopping $1200!! Last time I upgraded four years ago, I paid $1700!! Are you serious? I'm so outraged!! Plus two machines in the last 12 years. How much money can they make off one reporter?!?

Anyway...I currently have Vista on my old laptop and that has never given me a problem. Stenograph tells me the highest system CC 9 will support is XP. I was talking to my brother and he was mentioning something about being able to partition the hard drive and install Windows XP. I'm not sure how to go about this. I plan to call a computer guy tomorrow to help me with this.

Will this work? I refuse to upgrade my software if I don't have to. There's nothing wrong with the version I have.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to ship my laptop back to the seller in NY (Amazon vendor), plus I've fallen in love with it already!

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Do you not pay your yearly fee for support every year of 500 or 600 through Stenograph?  I think that's why it's so expensive for you is because you have not kept up on your support.  At least that's all I can think of anyway. 

I always keep up on support because I cannot afford to have any problems and I want a fix at the drop of a hat.  You have a new operating system and, of course, it's not going to work with old software.  You should get with it and get the newest laptop and the best, most current software out there. 

You seem stressed because it will not work for you.  It seems obvious to me why your software won't work.  Don't get me wrong; I think Stenograph is terrible with customer support.  I'm on Eclipse but I'd have the same issue if I never upgraded my software. 

If you want to be the best reporter you can be, then get with it and get the best equipment/software you can have.  Then you will not have any problems.

If you want to stay with your old software you will probably have to get an older computer. Some places specialize in refurbishing old laptops. I used to do it when I was using an ancient version of Stenocat.

  But check with a computer person to see if you can put XP on your new computer (but I doubt it).  That is sooooo old and out of date.  That's like 10 year old technology.

Are you still using a "key" with CC 9?  Because if you are, eventually it will stop working and you will be stuck, because now CC is keyless.  Once your key goes out, there is no replacing it and you will have to update anyway.

I have to stick up for Stenograph customer service.  They have always responded promptly to me, and usually answer the phone within 2 or 3 minutes of waiting.

Unfortunately, to keep using the software you have to pay the piper.   You can delay it but eventually it will catch up with you.

Annual support is 600 a year.  If Stenograph is only charging you 1,200 to get current from version 9 to version 13, then they are giving you excellent customer service and trying to help you out by not charging full price for all those years.  I don't understand why people expect their software company to keep the software stagnant and not improve and upgrade it every year to keep things compatible with the operating systems that are upgraded all the time by Microsoft.  There may be nothing wrong with version 9, but there are so many things better with version 10, 11, 12, 13, and coming out next month version 14.  There are so many new features to make our jobs easier with improved software.  $600 at once IS a big chunk of money, but if you know when it's due every year, you can budget and set aside some every month just like estimated taxes.  It's a given that technology will continue to advance, and the software companies have to keep up with it or else the outdated software will not work on the current computers.  Why people are surprised and outraged by this every year is simply amazing.   

I have a suggestion.  I bought my (very little) laptop from Tiger Direct two years ago.  It is Windows XP.  A lot of what Tiger Direct has is end of lease.  Go to the Tiger Direct website and take a look.

Ditto what Kelli and Lisa have said.  And since you've been down this road of upgrading before, wouldn't it be better to pay it in chunks once a year than a big lump sum?  And why would you buy a new computer without making sure it was compatible?

Although putting XP -- if you can still find the software -- is doable, keep in mind that support for XP ends in April of next year.

Upgrade.  You will be glad you did.  You will then be keyless, which is awesome.  You will have BriefIt, giving you brief forms on the fly, which is awesome.  And with Version 14, which is just about to be released, you will have the ability to create pxt files, which is the format created by E-tran, which will be awesome as well.

Rhonda, does that mean we can make our own etrans and not have to go through Real Legal?

Yep!  Sure does!  And you can choose to lock out certain features, like printing, which is awesome for when you can e-mail the witness the read and sign!  I was lucky and got in the first group to get 14.  I just created a ptx file, and it opened up in the RealLegal viewer and looks just like an E-tran.  Stenograph has totally outdone themselves on that alone.

Wow.  That. is. amazing!

Thanks for all your replies and info! Yeah, it makes sense to upgrade. Gonna go ahead and do it :)

Amazing to hear about version 14, Rhonda!  Wow!  I second everybody's emotions except for the comment that SG's tech support is bad.  It is not bad.  It is fantastic.   Glad to hear, Ana, that you're going to get on board.  And start thinking about that $50/month so you're psychologically ready next December to renew your support agreement.


That is true about Catalyst.......version 10 changed to the 64 bit platform and so Catalyst will will not work with Windows 7 because it's 64 bit.  There might be something you can do by running Win 7 in an XP mode or the 32 platform and then Catalyst might work.  Stenograph might cut a deal with you if you upgrade because I think they only charge you half or less per version you're behind because you didn't use support in those years.  I had to upgrade from 8 to 13 last year because of this.  And it's true the key will eventually stop working.   I haven't gone keyless yet till I get a little more sorted out on which three computers I want to have the keyless on.  I do not plan to upgrade anymore, however, because by the time a change like this happens again, hopefully I'll be retired.  The $1200 is really a fair price to go from version 9 to 14.

Hi, Ann

I have to agree with everyone else about staying current with your software.  You will be overwhelmed at first, but there have been so many great things added that you will love the newest versions of CC.   Everything happens so much faster!    Brief It is a great tool that offers briefs as you're writing.  I love when it comes up with a one-stroke brief for something I'm writing in four strokes.  

And I love that 14 is going to have ptx.   I looked at the Real Legal site the other day, and it didn't make sense for me as an individual reporter to get it just now.  More and more attorneys are requesting it so that is great news.   

And be sure to attend any Stenograph trainer software classes in your area.  Expensive but worth every penny because you learn so much.  


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