So after my depo yesterday I had the LightSpeed rep in the San Fran/Bay Area (Lori Stokes) meet me at my agency's office to show me the new writer.  She walks in with her very thin, light computer and this LS.  She says that's all she brings to a job unless, of course, it's RT and then she brings some iPads.

I've pulled my back out twice now lifting what seems about 70 pounds of equipment in my car.  I have my Diamante, one regular laptop and three netbooks, plus Stenocast, etc.

Anyway, I was so impressed with what little Lori brings to a job, that I'm going to try to do the same.  I'm hoping I can write proficiently on the LS.  I bought the machine five years ago and didn't have any luck.  This time I'm hoping it will be different.  I just need to do something different because of the strain on my body after almost 30 years of writing.

Lori uses Live Depo, which I had not heard of.  I was wondering if anyone has any more information about this service?  I know it costs about $200, which is cheap.  I download it to iPads from iTunes.  Not sure where I buy the router.  

Any ideas anyone has as to streamlining all this equipment and making life a little easier, I'm all ears.

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I have the same Asus as Kelly and the Lightspeed writer, which is what I take every day, and then I have another bag that has 4 iPads and my realtime router.  I only bring that to realtime jobs, obviously, but I almost always take BART, and it's totally manageable with the right equipment.

Lori has totally been my inspiration for changing my whole setup. She's amazing and always has the best equipment; very forward thinking and inspirational.  

I've bought her writer, her ASUS computer and now the iPads, next is LiveDeposition.  Then we'll be twins.  LOL!!

Yeah, I live in L.A. and there's just no public transportation to speak of.  I drive everywhere.

Live Depo is amazing. 

They have a streaming service, which is streaming over the internet to remote locations, which is a subscription and hookup fee service.

the Live Depo wireless router is for local wireless realtime to computers, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.  I use iPads because their battery life is much better than the Android tablets I had. 

You hook up the router to your computer and it creates a wireless network.  You log onto the network with the ipads.  You start StenoDirectPlus on your computer to send out your realtime.  It creates

a virtual serial port.  Then you start the app on the iPad and put in a password, and there is your realtime. 

It's easy to use, reliable, and cost is reasonable.

Greta, I know the initial charge is $200.  How much do you pay each year to keep support?

It's $200 every year, Janiece.

Actually, the initial cost is $200, and I believe it is only $100 per year after that

Lori, have you looked at the newest form?  It is $200 every year.  Here is their form they sent me today. Read it.



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