Has anyone covered any deps on this class action?

I am being asked to drive a long way to cover a couple of these.

Just trying to figure out if will be worth my while.

Thanks in advance.

Rebecca Callow


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How many miles each way?  

120 one way, so 2+ hours.

120 miles is a little nuts unless you're assured of a good day.  At least have a minimum.  I wouldn't do it.   70 miles one way is my limit.   If an agency begged and paid for a hotel and agreed to a very hefty minimum, maybe I'd do it in that scenario but that's not happening.    But then again, maybe this particular case is worth a gamble.  And a gamble it is.  Can you imagine driving 240 miles round trip for a 1-hour dep?   Hopefully others who've been on it see this and offer feedback.

Does the agency know how many copies the job is?  If it's gone forward before, they'd have that info.  There was a case I did last year where I drove way, way past where I usually will go but the job was an O & 14.  I knew this ahead of time, which is the only reason I said I'd take it.  

The office probably knows.  Did you ask them?  Otherwise, 120 mi one way is way too far.

It's still a big gamble because for all you know, it's a O&14 but only one hour because it's clean-up time and the day 1 reporter couldn't or wouldn't go back for day 2.    And while 13 copies is great, the payday isn't good enough for 240 miles if you get 20 pages.

Thank you Marge and Kelli!

I really needed a voice of reason. 

I contacted the agency and told them I would not be able to take without getting my travel expenses covered.  I also asked regarding RT, RD and rush, plus how many copies.  And told them I would consider negotiating how much I would charge for travel if there were going to be extra charges I could make.

Texas is a very large state, and sometimes we just lose sight of how far is too far.  Thanks again!

You might look to get a place to stay on Airbnb.com.  I have used it all over Los Angeles with very good results when I need an inexpensive, extended place to stay with all the amenities of home!  I have taken a few pelvic mesh and they were good! $$$$$

Thanks, Sarah,

I asked the agency and they were very vague about what kind of orders they were getting.  I did find out that it was probably only an O2 or O3.  For me it was too much of a gamble to drive all that way for a maybe.  Like Marge mentioned, what if I drove all that way and it only lasted an hour.  I'd rather sit home than waste six hours in the car. 

I've taken two depositions in the mesh cases.  It is usually only an 0&2 (the doctors aren't being sued so it's just the plaintiff and the defendant).  Also, they are limited as to time.  For the named plaintiff, the deponent can only examine her for 2 hours; Plaintiff's attorney can examine for 1 hour.  If it is a spouse, it is 1 hour and then 1/2 hour.  And the firm has bid for the job, which means it is less money than usual for the Reporter.

Very helpful info, Dana!

Thanks for posting this.


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