I am working on a transcript about airplanes.  In order to identify the aircraft they are speaking of, they use the phonetic alphabet.  Example:  The aircraft tail number is N9201X.  When they speak of the airplane, though, they say:  "November 9201 X-ray".  another plane:  391SR, they say:  391 Sierra Charlie.  Any thoughts on how to do it in the transcript?   Should I do it with hyphens to keep it together, "November-9201-Xray"  and "391-Sierra-Charlie,"  or should I just leave it like they say it:  November 9201 X-ray? 
Any help would be great!!!  OH, and frequently they just say "the 01 Xray"  so "01-Xray" and keep it all together, or "01 X-ray".  Thanks!


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I think the 391-Sierra-Charlie with hyphens makes it easier to read.  That's how I'd do it.  

Hope that helps!!

Thanks, Lorraine.  That does help. I appreciate it.  Have a great day!


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