Does anybody have the format that you use when the attorney is quoting and stating on line Blah blah, Question, blah blah

Answer, blah blah

Question, blah, blah

Answer, blah, blah

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One format (or concept) is to do a Q&A, but indent it five spaces on both sides.

Example:  The depo you are doing right now:

     Q   ___________________________________________

     Counsel reading from Depo of X, dated X, page X, lines X - X]

[Depo attorney is reading from)

                Q  _____________________________

                A ______________________________


Start new paragraph after attorney reading.




Thank You Mary Jo.. That's what I was thinking.....

This format follows the grammar rules of indenting five spaces when you are reading from quoted material.  You have set it apart from the depo you are doing.  With the [ XXXX] You are also indicating that something different is going on.

I just did a depo where the attorney read text messages into record.  I did it similar to this.


Of course, there are a lot of reporters here, who have lots of experience in doing this, and have done it more than once.  Hopefully, they will give you something more proper.

I do:


     QUESTION:  "Did you go to the store?"

      ANSWER:  "No.  I had other things to do."

      QUESTION:  "Then why did you tell Mr. Smith on June 4th

                           that you had, in fact, gone to the store?"


I also indent this quoted material in a parenthetical.

Thanks Kelli that helps


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