Hi, I'm stumped. How would you put in a transcript someone who says remand meaning remanufactured? I can't put remand because, of course, that has a different meaning. It comes up multiple time in this transcript.

Here are some ways I thought:

remaned (looks too much like "remained")

Any thoughts?

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reman'd as an abbreviation for remanufactured, his lingo, seems like a good choice to me. I'd do the aposotrophe for all the derivatives such as reman'g.
Morson's suggests using the 'd as well for these type of coinages. Your first instinct then seems best.
I have Florida teacher certification for English 6-12 and elementary education. (So happens I'm good with English so I didn't have to put out much effort for the English certification).

There are a lot of words that are called BLENDED. Some are in the dictionary, and some aren't. A few samples are: motel (motor car and hotel), e-mail or email (electronic mail).
I would do it reman'd.


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