URGENT!!! Seeking advice on what to do. I'll be brief and to the point - and just looking for input on what I should do as I've been crying on friends' shoulders for a bit now and while I appreciate sympathetic responses, am really interested in hearing from anyone who's been faced with this and how they resolved it.
Reporter contacted me to cover work. Said reporter gave me resume and sample job. Seemed on the up-and-up. 
Gave said reporter six jobs. First one busted, she submitted invoice immediately. Second and third job was a two-day gig. Fourth through sixth went forward as planned. 
I am unable to get the jobs from this reporter. She is playing cat & mouse with me, responding to every fifth e-mail/text with promises to deliver that are nothing but lies. 
The client is calling looking for the work. I've threatened to contact the NYS notary board and had my attorney contact her demanding the jobs. She promised HIM I would have them Friday. It is now Sunday and all I got from her was a reply, on Saturday, to my emailing her exhibits to finalize a job. Her reply? Thanks, rec'd the exhibits. When can I expect my paycheck? (For busted job, which was payable to her on the 15th.)
I am seriously having a nervous breakdown. I just don't know what to do.
Again, while I appreciate everyone's sympathetic replies, I am really just seeking those who have been faced with this and what they did to get their jobs or if anyone has heard of this before and has some idea of what I can do. 
FYI, I found out on Thursday that the agency she worked for prior to contacting me, a national one to boot, is still owed jobs from her since April. 
Thank you for indulging me and understanding what I seek from this post. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sympathy and support.

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so glad you are getting your work.  Was the work okay?  Did you ever get an explanation?

So sorry for you.  I had a similar situation with Cynthia Purcell, CA CSR out of Orange County.  The attorney contacted her repeatedly to get the transcripts.  It was all bad, bad, bad.  I sent her a copy of the BPC with her check after she finally sent them in.  So glad that's behind me.  I contacted the CA Board of CR and they told me I absolutely had grounds for a complaint, but I'm hoping my letter I sent with her fat check will show her the errors of her ways.  I believe in Karma.  I'll never know what she was thinking or what was going on in her life.

Have your attorney demand all notes, files, audio from this reporter.  Do not send any money to her at this point.  Instead of having the depos taken over again, see if her files and audio is sufficient to certify the transcripts.  if her files are sufficient, you or a colleague will have to produce the transcripts with stipulated agreement by the attorneys. In my other firm, a reporter died, and all attorneys agreed another reporter could produce a transcript based on the deceased reporter's files.  Report her to any board she can be reported to in New York, including the notary public board.  If she cannot or will not produce her files, calculate the expense to redo the depos, and have your attorney file a lawsuit against her.  The attorney should take it on contingency.  We had a reporter completely lose all her files, don't know how, on a depo, and the depo had to be redone.  The reporter was on the hook and had to pay for all expenses, witness, lawyers, everything.  Hope that gives some insight.


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