Stenograph has a new writer? *Diamante* Pictures inside.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

I heard that they are telling their salespeople now and that it will be at the NCRA convention.

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Monti. lmao. I second your comment. I don't think it's that attractive. But now it does sort of have me on the fence of this or the LS. Depends on what Stenograph wants to give me for my A3 that's only 2 years old.
Maybe they've gotten better, Erica, but when my Stentura 8000LX was less than two years old, they gave me $700 for it. My fault for going along with it. I'd never do it again.

I do think it looks less boxy, but I have no use for that display. I have my laptop at every job and edit from my steno machine, so I'm looking at my computer, not the steno machine. We all have different preferences in a writer.
Thanks you two:) I still feel that the LS is the way to go for me after thinking about it a little bit longer. I am now in the market for a mini laptop with 2GB or more and a pink LS when the come out in August. I think after I get comfortable with taking the LS on jobs (hopefully within a month) that I can sell the A3 for around $3250 or something. I don't use ANY of the extras on the A3; not the audio, not the screen, nothing! I don't even have my current dictionary on it. So I just see no reason to hold onto it.
"But when my Stentura 8000LX was less than two years old, they gave me $700 for it."

Wow, thats almost upsetting me and it didn't even happen to me.
haha! good word to describe this! it looks like a toy! like a cheap plastic toy! :P

Hey -- sort of looks like a Skecher's sneaker.
It's $4995, but if you purchase before end of September it's $4795.00 -- comes in light grey and light baby blue....
My mira was bought at the end of 2005, I guess, and they are offering me $1000 for it. I must send all the accessories with it and the $1000 is "respective of what condition it is in". Now tell me that even though I have taken excellent care of it, they are not going to mysteriously find something wrong... riiiiiiight.
I edited the subject slightly, i hope its ok with you.
I think it looks like an awesome writer, and I agree that it makes my A3 look completely dated. I'm quite hesitant, though, because of the screen. It might be perfect for those doctor depos where there's very little room for your laptop, BUT a lot of times, I end up making the screen on my A3 flat and shoving my writer halfway under the conference table to make room. You can't do this with this writer as the screen would cover your keys. Weird.
Wow. I can't believe i didn't think of that before. It is completely true. And that's what I also do. Guess this one's out of the running for some of us who only do depositions:)
Yep. I was thinking this was geared more toward officials rather than freelance reporters. Makes absolutely no sense to me!


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