Stenograph has a new writer? *Diamante* Pictures inside.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

I heard that they are telling their salespeople now and that it will be at the NCRA convention.

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My initial reaction before reading any of the posts was "EEEEwwwwwhhh, Yuck!"

It's extremely expensive also.
Wow, such negativity, lol. Well count me in the crowd that things the writer looks AMAZING. I would love to have one! Drooling over the appearance, features, everything. Right now, I have a Stentura 8000.
No kidding.

I thought we were supposed to "take a deep breath and be nice".
Lisa! who's not being nice? tell me who, so i can go after them :)
god, I hope you are not referring to me.. i didn't mean to rag on the machine, i was just saying that it was ugly, thats all.
I am sure its a fabulous machine.

Can't wait for someone to review it with pictures.
Sometimes I either feel very naive or just plain stupid - perhaps I'm a little of both.

I read with utter amazement the thought-provoking posts from many people, whether they just purchased a new writer or not, about how Stenograph is out to get everyone (or at least that's how it reads.) They knew this, they knew that.

Why is it that we have to think badly about the companies that are trying to make our lives better by creating new software, new hardware, and the like? We've put them all in a box. We'd be LIVID if they were NOT updating (or creating new) software and/or hardware. Are all companies malevolent or is it just Stenograph?

Does anyone remember "Attorney's Answer" software from Stenograph (this is before CaseView)? Probably not because it never made it out of beta testing. They scrapped it. I'm not sure about this but I'm guessing not everything they create or beta test is released. I'm sure there were many other hardware and software creations from many companies (Stenograph included) that never saw the light of day.

Would we be happier if they did nothing and we were all writing on the Data Writer (with the magnetic tape on the side), with the Cimarron software on a DEC computer? I paid $27,000 for that computer system and was so glad I did! Twelve computers later (and counting), I keep updating, as everyone out there does. Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?

What am I missing here?
I'm really glad you said this, Lisa.

I don't get mad at Stenograph for improving the technology that makes our jobs easier, let's us be more accurate and helps us keep our jobs in a time when there are competing technologies (not better technologies, just competing).

I don't get mad at the company who makes the LS (whoever that is) for coming out with something different. Why would I?

Gosh! At least Stenograph and that other company are inventing creative, new products and bringing them to market. I can choose to buy it or not.

And since I buy a new writer ever 5 years or so, shouldn't I expect in that period of time some company is going to come out with something new?

What I do get "mad" about is when a company tells us that they are coming out with something new andthey get Court Reporters all excited. Then some people actually choose to wait for it and 6 years later, where is it? And, then finally when you get to see it, if you can get a salesperson to show it to you, there is nothing innovative or exciting about it. It looks exactly like the StenoRam my mom used 20 years ago. We're left wondering "What the heck did we wait for?"

Let the companies hold their cards to their chests. I know Stenograph is going to come out with a new machine. I suppose one day Procat will too. I'm not going to be angry with them for doing what they are supposed to do... cater to ME!
Amen, sister.
I've been beta testing this writer for about two months now. I absolutely love the touch and feel of the writer. It's only about 4.5 pounds and light as a feather. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and will like it.
here's the picture if it hasn't been posted previously
I was so happy when I bought the A3 in April! It cost more than my car (which was used from friends and less than $1000). Might be able to haggle with them in regards to an exchange, but I won't. It hasn't been out long enough for me to get much info about the benefits/issues. Never have been one to get something as soon as it comes out. There are plenty of people to do that for me (and I thank you for it). I knew of the A3 stacking problems ahead of time but it hasn't been too bad for me yet. Totally looking forward to reading the reviews when people get their new "baby". Good luck and congrats!
Wow, I have to say that I have never heard such mean comments about the writer as being not nice looking until now. It is a nice looking writer to me and low enough to put under a table, the width is less than my other writers. It can be used as a "stand alone machine" if you need and therefore no need for your laptop. The look from the side is curved but it reminds me of my writers in the past. It has handles, which I always missed and everyone I have heard from thinks it is gorgeous. The front is the same look of all previous Stenograph writers basically but just improved. But I guess not everyone thinks the same about beauty. Stenograph came out with its last writer 5 years ago, the Mira A3 in 2005 and so it is about time for a new writer. If you bought an A3 in April then you need to talk to Stenograph because you may have options you do not necessarily know about. I would suggest calling your sales rep. The price is the same as the Mira A3 and the Fusion at this moment and we have kept those writer's prices around the same for a long time now. There is no contact assembly so no need for key adjustments to be made. I would ask Beta Testers for a real review.
In my opinion for my purposes, the steno keyboard should be an input device only. I always bring my laptop and don't see a need to have another screen on the machine. There are things I get on my laptop that I use all the time on jobs like an Internet connection, calendar and Free Cell that I can't get on a steno machine so I probably would never use the steno machine alone if I can help it. Also, you can't really edit on the steno machine, but I can on the computer. It just seems to be overkill. But kudos to Stenograph for giving the choice and coming out with something new. I'm sure there will be people who love it.


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