If you send out a transcript via email to an attorney, like on the weekend, when the production office is not open or you're doing it in the middle of the night, do you send it out without a digital signature, like can be done through Real Legal?  

 Do you have your own copy of Real Legal or some other software that you use?   Or do you just insert a scanned image of your signature?

Or do you just sent it out without a signature?   What if the attorney needs it immediately for court?

I figured out how to put a scanned image of my sigt. on a PDF, but then it won't match the one that is digitally inserted through RL by the production office.  And I wonder if that would be a cause for concern.

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In PDF, top far right, SIGN.  I have already made a "picture" of my real handwritten signature and have it saved in my computer.  I bring in the image and save.  My document has my Word signature, and right next to it I have in my PDF handwritten signature.  My document is then saved as xpdfsigned.

Legal dcuments always have the Word signature, then the attorney signs it above.  With my real curser signature electronically popped in, and the document saying pdf signed, that's the best it's going to get. 

I never noticed that feature for PDF, but it basically works the same as through my Case Catalyst software.


How do you do a digital signature through CC?

you go to Format, Modify Format, go to Headers and Footers.   See the word "image"?  Click on it and browse for an image, which will be a scanned image of your signature.   

Okay.  After you do that how do you get it on your cert page?  Can you do that inside of CC?

If I remember,  it's a type of header, so you figure out what line you want it on.   So,say, you make it Header #3.  You adjust the "Position" and "Horizontal." numbers.   And -very important - when you print you have to have the "Print Graphics" checked Under Print Options when you go to print or make a PDF.

BUT, if you are just doing it on PDFs it would be easier to use the Abode PDF feature that Mary Jo referred to to insert your scanned signature because you can drag it over where you want it.  Much easier than the process you need to go through for the CC software

Hey, Martha,

That is simple using the pdf software.  I'm calling CC on Monday so I know how to do it in the CC software.  I wonder if it would transfer through on an etran if done in CC.  Thanks for your help.



Here is a link to the instructions, but you might as well call.  I can't get the signature to appear on a ptx, although I haven't looked into it all that much.  If you find out, post back here.

/s/ Denise Paddock


purchase a piece of hardware at Staples or an office store called Bamboo, which has a pen to create digital signatures by hand directly into the PDF file.


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