I have been working on a few Internet projects, and for some reason, the fonts I choose, i.e, Garamond and Georgia, look different in various browers.

I use IE (Internet Explorer), but when I pull up the Internet website in Firefox a/k/a Mozilla, the fonts were all fuzzy-looking and not aesthetically pleasing to my eye -- ugly and horrible, in fact! In IE, though, they looked crisp, clear, and quite beautiful.

This is really a dilemma when working on Internet projects, trying to make the website look GREAT in all browers.

So, it begs the question: What browser do you use, and why?

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Google Chrome because it's faster. IE for certain websites that don't load propertly in Chrome.
Thanks for the recommendation for Google Chrome. I did not know it was faster. In fact, I think I downloaded it once and then moved it to my Recycle Bin, thinking it wasn't that great.

I think I am going to give it a try once more. Thanks for the reply! :-)
You're welcome. I really like it a lot and prefer it to IE. I do see a difference. Not huge but enough to keep Chrome as the default browser.
What a time saver this is if you need to search various websites for spellings. Each time you click the Google Chrome icon, all the websites you have been searching on are right there in full view. You don't have to do a search for a spelling and find the same website again. Chrome has a memory of every single site you search on, allowing all of them to remain on your Google Chrome page. I love that!
IE has history, too, that most likely does the same thing. let me know if you think the pages load faster in Chrome.
Yes, it is much faster, Marge. I cannot believe I have been missing out all this time using the standard Google. Chrome is the nuts! I do really like it a lot.
Try Opera, the fastest of the bunch but again you need Firefox for some sites as not all sites play well with Opera.

I mostly use FIrefox because I feel like I'm less likely to pick up any viruses on Firefox. I only use IE when a site occasionally doesn't allow for Firefox.
Alice, I did not realize that some sites may not allow various browsers. That is interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

What is puzzling to me is how FONTS sometimes look different in various browers. In Firefox browser, for example, some fonts look fuzzy and unclear to my eye. In Internet Explorer (IE), though, the same fonts are crisp. I guess I don't understand why, but I'm learning.

Thanks to all for the great feedback. I downloaded Chrome, and, man, I love, love, love the various themes, as opposed to the STARK WHITE background of plain Google.
Me too, for the same reason. And I used Netscape before, which was basically the same thing. Love Mozilla Thunderbird for email. I have gmail but I only use it for people who can't figure out attachments when I send ASCIIs. I've never even heard of Google Chrome -- will have to go check it out.
Deborah, you must check it out. It is fast and cool! I chose a nice theme on mine with a plain black background. It really is easy on my eyes.

I still use AOL for my primary e-mail. The AOL screen is an absolute nightmare, riddled with ads that jump out at you and freeze your computer. It just too doggone busy for my eyes, but I just can't get rid of AOL because of my e-mail account, as I have had it for many years. It would be like changing my phone number. I only pay 10 bucks a month for it.

I do have Gmail and Yahoo! email accounts in case AOL goes down, which it does on occasion, so I can communicate.

Deborah, get the Chrome. You will be so glad you did!
Oh, find a way to get rid of the AOL! I understand you can even keep it without paying for it. A friend of mine was telling me they called up to cancel their AOL and can still get it for free.


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