What's the subject matter of the most/least interesting case you've worked on?

Right now I'm working on a herbicide case.  FYI, don't put soybean herbicide on corn or corn herbicide on soybeans.  You'll kill your crop.  

One interesting thing I learned, it only takes like two teaspoons of soybean fertilizer mixed w/ 1500 gallons of water to cover about 400 acres.  

Okay, so this case would be put in the pile with my least interesting.  What about you?  What interesting or boring topics have you reported on?

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Most boring? Water rights! I really don't care how many acre feet were supposed to transfer with that parcel... Yes, I know wars have been fought over them, but still.

My former boss became independently wealthy taking the Kansas v. Colorado water rights case, so they do have their purpose...hahaha

Carleigh, I had a water rights case.  Yes, they are boring.

I just had one that had to do w/ a heroin addict.  Very interesting.

Yeah, Grace, I agree, the paycheck makes the boring subject matter a little easier to take.  That's true :-)

Great question!

Favorite depo was of a cardiac surgeon who if I recall had invented a medical device.  A truly amazing, down-to-earth humanitarian.  And he kept handing out bars of excellent dark chocolate saying, "Take it from me.  Dark chocolate is excellent for your heart.  Eat!"  

I am also enjoying the case I'm working on now, a bankruptcy of a half-finished resort development -- it's got greed and Texas family intrigue and the death of the main player.  Well, ok, maybe in my head to pass the time I'm turning it into JR Ewing and Dallas.   But it helps the interest level when you do enough depos in one case so that you figure out what the heck the case is even about!  That's what I miss about court -- seeing both sides of a case and the verdict.

Least favorite jobs to the point where I have to be nearly starving to agree to do them anymore:  personal injury, worker's comp, and employment law, especially the wage-and-hour class actions.  Give me a mind-numbing business job any day over left fender, right fender, 10-minute break issues.

Most interesting jury trial I did back in the days I was an official:  A sexual abuse trial where the defendant posed as a Santeria priest who "healed" women and teen girls of their "demons" by pouring hot wax from lit candles on their genitals then had sex with them.  It's a very long story with lots of funny things that happened along the way.  The creep got something like 425 years in prison.

Wage-and-hour are the worst!

Your jury trial sounds interesting.

I know this is an old post, but it came up when I was searching for something else.  I would have been all over your corn and soybean case!  And it makes sense that you don't switch the herbicides because corn and soybeans are classic crop rotation buddies.  If I recall correctly, corn likes nitrogen, and soybeans expel nitrogen into the soil.  That's why they rotate well.  I remember when people were double planting corn because of the ethanol craze a couple years ago.  They were having to use more nitrogen fertilizer because the land hadn't been prepped naturally by a soybean crop beforehand.  The irony is that I believe nitrogen fertilizer is a petroleum product - which is why people plug ethanol fuel to begin with!  Kinda defeats the purpose.  What can I say?  We still have family farm in Indiana that rotates corn and soybeans...


I'm so glad you brought this post back up.  I had forgotten all about that corn/bean case.  I skimmed through this thread and it brought back a lot of memories.


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