So far I like the one with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

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I liked the Doritos commercial with the grandma and the slingshot baby. That was cute! That's the only one that has stuck in my brain.

I'm a huge football fan, and I was super excited my team won.......yay Giants!  My favorite commercial was the Doritos one where the Great Dane was burying the cat's collar and gave his owner Doritos to keep him quiet.  That was hilarious!  Great game!

Didn't watch the Super Bowl so don't know.  I always thought the commercials were the best part, though.  Don't much like football - sort of boring.

I like football for the most part, but there are other things I'd rather do. I was out cleaning my car for the first half. Finally came in and watched the rest of it to see the commercials.

I love football.  Where else can you watch men in skin tight pants?

Anyhoo,  I liked some of the car commercials, where the guys gets sprinkled with pixie dust and dreams of giant sandwiches, girls in bikinis and then saves his wife from the romance novel guy.   I liked the Silverado surviving the apocalypse.  Very creative.   

Disappointments were Elton John and Mathew Broderick commercial.

I missed the Elton John one, but that Matthew Broderick one was really a dud. I was like wha??? I didn't get it. The pixie dust one was pretty good. Loved the Motley Crue band in the back. Lol.

Even though it was probably geared to guys, I kind of liked that Fiat commercial. Where that Italian woman ended up really being a car. It held my attention because I was wondering where they were going with it.

Seinfeld and Leno by far.  Nothing else was funny or memorable.  

I loved the bugs who got smashed into the grill of the Chevy . . . and they LIKED it. Lol.

I thought the half time show was quite good.  The lighting and sound were right on.  It was like it took place in a studio instead of a stadium.     The costumes and dancers were awesome.  Madonna was good, too.   But it was the whole quality of the production that was very good.

I thought the half-time show was pretty good myself. I was a Madonna fan, but I didn't necessarily approve of her for a Superbowl, but she did well. It was definitely entertaining. Nice stage production as you mentioned, Martha.


I liked the Doritos commercials.  My least favorite were the Coke commercials with the bears.  Boring!


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