Hello!  I purchased a used Diamante a few years ago and it did not come with the wide keys.  I have  been searching online for a solution for awhile.  I had been in touch with Top Cat Steno and was hopeful they'd have some for me, but after a couple emails, I never heard from them again.  I read somewhere that a reporter DIY'd it on her machine but I cannot find that post anywhere.  I live in Alaska where there are no service options and I'm sure shipping back and forth would be astronomical these days.  I was wondering if the keys from my Mira would be universal, but I am also afraid of bending the keys trying to take  them off.   Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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Why don't you just send it to Stenograph and have them fix it.  This should have been a question to ask before spending

thousands of $$$ BTW.

Call Worth Business Machines in Chicago.  Also, you should probably be calling TopCat as opposed to emailing.  I have used TopCat for years and they are very responsive.  I suggest you do not try this on your own.  You will mess up your writer.


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