Tranning a Indian radiologist. He's simply being asked what information he's reviewed for the deposition. He has a strong accent. With the accent, this is as close to phonetic I can get! Any ideas??

A So the fact that the dose in the collimator field, the single fraction would be in excess of 4000 centigrade or {{FORTIGRADE}}, clearly indicates that the jaws were set the wrong way.

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the head. radiation therapy on the head/neck area. and might she know of fortigray? This doc is so hard to understand! And of course, he just speeds over the difficult words!
I agree..I did radiology transcription for 10's definitely centigray and probably 40 gray, if anything.
Hi! My husband is a radiation therapist, and I asked him about your question. He said it is 4000 centigray and 40 gray. They are both measurements of radiation doses. Hope this helps!
Ashley, you are my new best friend!!!

Thank you all so much. I love how CRs help each other out! Kudos to CRs!!


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