I hope I explain this right, but I am looking for the code I am missing in my dictionary that enables my letters to come out correctly when I am finger spelling and keeping my letters together; i.e., ABC, not A and then a space, or when MRI comes up, it turns out MR and a space, the I connected to the next word.  I know I could make a brief for that, but what am I missing in my dictionary?  Thank you for any help. 

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I have one alphabet defined with the {glue} format symbol before it so that it "glues" to the letter before it.  Catalyst will not glue it to the previous word, so you don't have to worry about that.

I'd check your dictionary entry to see how it's defined.  If you want all letters to glue together, then insert the {glue} symbol before it.

Glue, got it. Thank you.


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