Can someone help me out with what format or entry I may put in my dictionary that would enable me to add a space when writing in realtime?  For example, I need to write NBA space MVP.  When I write it comes out altogether as NBAMVP, or I can throw in a comma to separate it.  Thank you.

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If you want it to always be on the same line, you could enter NBA<sticky space>MVP in your dictionary.  And easy way to do that without bringing up the diaglog box and choosing <sticky space> would be to enter it as follows:

NBA, then hit the F4 key, then hit K, then hit MVP.  No spaces at all.  It should come out as you want it.

But that would just be a dictionary entry for that one instance.  I think  what you're really looking for is a force stroke.  I would probably hit something like SP* as my force stroke but I'm unsure how it would be defined.  I would imagine there is already something set up and if you can just find it in accelerated extras or one of those similar files, then you can change it to be whatever steno stroke you want.

Accelerated extras, I always forget about looking in that file.  Thank you.

Hi Lisa!  I have a dictionary entry for inserting a space.  I use SPA*IS and in the text portion, I just pressed the spacebar.  Hope that helps! 

I write SPAIZ for my forced space (to use as in your example), and I have it defined as "<No Auto Convert>"

I *think* you need to define it as SOMETHING to make it force the space (like "underline off" or some other format symbol.)


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