Hello there, thanks for joining us! Why don't you introduce yourself here?

My name is Chelsea Adams, and I am a proofreader living in Mobile, Alabama.

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Erica Field and I'm a court reporter in St. Pete, FL. 

I so feel you! It's been so humid here and raining every day for the last two weeks. So we'd gladly let it pass us by, but some projections have it hitting us dead on. *sigh*

I'm definitely a fall and winter person...spring and summer are just not very fun when it's gross, wet, and hot. Anyways, stay safe if it hits you!


I'm LaToya Murray and I'm a proofreader in Lake Charles, LA. *waves*

Hi LaToya, thanks for joining! Glad to have another Louisianian in the bunch!! :)

Hi there!

I'm Deana Mello, and I'm a proofreader from St. Petersburg, Florida.


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