Hi All.  Finally bit the bullet and got the new Xpression and upgraded to Winner 2017.  HOWEVER, I absolutely have tried everything to get my realtime up and running and can't seem to make it work.  Any helpful tips would be appreciated. 

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Well it's working!!! Aaaand I love it. Jose from ProCat rocks! So far everything works seamlessly. Only problem I'm having on my new laptop (HP Spectre and it's beautiful!) is that in the Winner editor, I have to push "fn" before I use f8, f4, f7, etc. And it's a major learning curve! I hate it. Anyone know how to lock it on the fn function??

Okay, so I'm a year late ...! :o)

I would recommend that you do a search for the exact model of your laptop (in quotes), followed by "function keys" and see what comes up.  You should either find instructions or a video that shows you how to adjust the behavior of the function keys.

Hope you fixed it already!


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