I am still learning about all my iPhone can do for me.  Obviously using the contacts is a great place to have all those numbers and emails that we must have at our fingertips today.

I use the iPhone to take pictures/scans of exhibits at depositions when I am not allowed to take the exhibits.

Today I discovered a new use that I really love.  I am sitting here editing and I am going to have to make a run to the FedEx box later.  My FedEx driver is prompt.  I need to make sure I don't lose track of time and miss him/her.  I thought, I wonder if I can ask Siri to remind me to go to the FedEx box at a certain time.  I tried it and it works.  Loving it!!!  I am kind of new to smart phones so this may be an obvious one, but I liked it so much I thought I would share.

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