My practice is to take a small spiral notebook with me to the deposition.  I buy a notebook that has a pocket in it so I can put business cards and exhibit stickers in the notebook.  

The night before the deposition I print off the notice and Mapquest how to get there and print the Mapquest info.

I use the notebook to write the date of the deposition, the day of the week, the name of the witness, seating chart and spellings.  I put my spelling questions down as I can or scan for them on breaks.  I put them down how I think they are spelled and once I confirm the spelling I put a check mark.

I also write down their transcript and exhibit orders on this page.

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I also google /mapquest my depo location, but I click "send to phone" and that puts a map/address link on my phone.  the next morning in the car, I just click on the link (I send it in a text message) and it gives me directions to my depo!

Great tip!


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