So here we are with our shiny new group of everyone who is interested in realtime scoping. I'm quite new to this and so is my court reporter, so we have been experimenting with it a bit before we have to seriously use it in a trial in a few months. I hope to learn a lot from others here who are already active in realtime scoping.

For starters, please feel free to share any experiences and/or tips about working with GoToMyPC.

For example, as the scopist, I notice a good 5-second delay between clicking a spot on the screen and my cursor actually showing up there. Then there's the same delay before the edit I make shows up on the screen. Sometimes the cursor or edit doesn't show up the first time, so I do it again. Then the edit either shows up, or it shows up twice!

Any advice about this?

Also, if anyone is using software other than GoToMyPC, please start a new discussion with the name of the software as the title. I would be interested in hearing what everyone is using and what their experiences have been.

Have a super day, everyone! :)

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Hi, Myscilyn!

Just go to their website and you can sign up for a free trial (I think it's a month). That's what we're using right now as we play with it.
Hi, Melissa Lyn (Myscilyn):

Did you ever get a chance to try out the gotomypc site? Could you give us your thoughts on how it went for you? I'm interested in trying it with my reporters, too.


Hi, Linda: Since so much time has passed since your message above, can you give us an update on how it went for you? As a scopist, I'm very interested in this realtime scoping with my reporter. Out of curiosity, if the reporter is doing realtime and the attorneys see it realtime, don't they also see the split screen between scopist and reporter? How would attorneys feel about that? Or a judge in court? Just curious.




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