Has anyone else had the issue of inputting words and then end up having words missing? I inputted a bunch of words the other day and all my words that started with "sp" wouldn't come up. Spine, speach, spider, Spain... all my words that started with "sp." I called StenoCAT and ask them, they said I had to do a dictionary rebuild. I did that and only some of the "sp" words came back. He told me that it happens but its rare. How many others have noticed that? I also inputted words one time and lost mother and moth and month and had to input that back in and do a dicitonary rebuild. Just wanted to see how "rare" it really is.

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I've never had that problem. I've been on the software for over 10 years. I perform the dictionary build quite often.
I've used it for over 10 years too, but this seems to be happening recently.


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