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Nov 27, 2019

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What is your occupation?
Freelance Court Reporter
What state do you live in?
California and Texas
How did you find out about CSRnation?
Lorrie Marchant when it was just starting out
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CA 11414 ~ TX 10925
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At 7:40 on August 27, 2011, Judy said…

Kim, I just sent you a friend request.  I'd like to privately "talk" to you about your conference room situation.


At 22:10 on January 12, 2010, Kim Schroeder said…
Hey Suzanne!! Well, that is just plain mean to dangle a fabulous-sounding trial like that! I have done a looong drawn-out Iranian family trial before. Very interesting dynamics that go on. I understand well the pain you went through w/ the names/accents. Sorry to hear that, especially during a hectic time of year. However, I hope you were able to have a nice holiday! Definitely give me a call though. My daughter will be getting her license in March (I hope), so I will be able to travel a little futher into the South Bay now. Plus, I NEED my family law fix! It is great to hear from you too, and Happy New Year!! Will you be going to the DRA convention?
At 22:01 on January 12, 2010, Suzanne Conte said…
Kim, it's so good to hear from you! I really wanted to call you for this 3-week trial I had in December. Yes, December! All the way up to the 21st. That's a first. It's a case with Americanized Iranians, with one attorney having an accent, lots of family paraded into court, and lots of Iranian terms. They wanted roughs within a couple hours of leaving each day. I ended up reporting most of it myself and called on the reporters who had reported months of depos, since they were already familiar with the terms. But I always think of you and how you like trials and hearings. Most of the hearings I've had only go a couple hours or they're too far south for you. I will definitely give you a call when I have something worthwhile. I love seeing your pictures! Happy New Year!
At 23:03 on January 10, 2010, Kimberly Elwell said…
Oops, I meant to say I have had a ton of cancellations for the past MONTH, not week. What a whiner I would be if it was just a week worth of cancellations. Lol! Anyways, no, I don't mind the miles on the road. I have young kids and it gives me time to listen to "my" music and think while surrounded by silence...ahh! ;) Talk to you tomorrow! Kim
At 20:07 on January 10, 2010, Kim Schroeder said…
That is awesome, Kim! I know the feeling of having a full week, and everything crashes...or the opposite. I am happy to have you take it if you don't mind the haul. If you change your mind, I will take those other rptrs' numbers. Let's both keep in touch tomorrow and see what's happening. I will put your number and cell in my Blackberry. And my cell is 707-338-4426, and you can e-mail me directly at (Don't forget that "s" in between as an East Bay Kim has kimcsr. Unfortunately, she gets lots of my mail...argh.) I am happy to hear Julie is gearing up again. You must have known each other from school too, huh?
At 20:00 on January 10, 2010, Kimberly Elwell said…
Hi, Kim. I don't mind driving all over the Greater North Bay on Tuesday. I can't even tell you the long string of cancellations that I have had the past week, so I would just be ecstatic to have two jobs confirm in one day! LOL!

Julie has been sitting in with other reporters to build up her speed again. She'll get back to work eventually, but those cutie pies of hers make it hard for her to tear herself away from home. She'll return to the field -- I'm certain of it -- but for now, she's enjoying her time as a SAHM while she can afford to be in that position.

My cell number is 707-235-6087. You can call me tomorrow if that is easier. Otherwise, I will send you a message here once I get back home around 11:00 a.m. to let you know the status of my day on Tuesday. And again, I don't mind doubling up one bit. I know two reporters in Cloverdale, though, and can forward their names and numbers on to you if you'd prefer to go that route. Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Kim
At 19:55 on January 10, 2010, Kimberly Elwell said…
Hi, Kim S. Think this was meant for you, not me... ;)

Hi Kim,
I'm trying to sending you a message (on another window), but my screen has been saying "Sending message" for the last 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I am already scheduled for Tuesday. Thank you for asking. Out of curiosity, how did you get my name? I'm glad you did. It's always great to hear from other court reporters.
At 19:27 on January 10, 2010, Kim Schroeder said…
Hey Kim! YES, I did work for Marin. And YES I do know Julie (who makes me soo mad she's not using her hard-earned skills!!) Sounds good about letting me know tomorrow. You do not want to be driving all over the countryside though. It is a chiropractor (which I forgot adds a little more to the page rate too) so I am sure they'll be finished. But I hate to have you drive all the way to Oakland after. Let me know! Thanks for responding so fast too!
At 19:18 on January 10, 2010, Kimberly Elwell said…
Hi, Kim. Your name is REALLY familiar! Did you use to work at the Marin County Courthouse? Do you know Julie (Williams) Caputo?

I am tentatively scheduled for a 3:00 p.m. WC in Oakland on Tuesday. I should know from the attorney tomorrow morning if it's going to go forward or not. If I was done by 1:00 p.m., I could double-up, but that is probably cutting it too close for your client. I can let you know in the morning if my job cancels or else I can give you the name of a few reporters up in that area who could cover it for you. Let me know what you would like to do. Kim
At 17:31 on January 10, 2010, Kim Schroeder said…
Thanks, pal! I am happy you are loving your CAbi. New line comes out Feb. 1!! Whoo-hoo. I am such a rookie at these sites. I just had my 17yo help me photos, etc. yesterday. Love the brief forum and naturally the cover depos. Where's Colleen on this site??

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