Total Eclipse Training by Teri Gibson, Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer

Teri C. Gibson, Professional Court Reporter & Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer
Gibson Skill Development and Training Center


          In 1981, I began working as a freelance court reporter, working as a deposition court reporter and in the courtroom. I worked as a hearings stenographer, Federal Official, and CART Provider.  Today, I work as a freelance court reporter and have added another skillset, Life Coach and Trainer.  

           For freelance work, I created Gibson Realtime Reporting in which
           I provide court reporting services.

            Business, Personal, and Spiritual Development

            We provide "Foundation Training" for the Total Eclipse Software. 
            You will gain the skills to provide regular delivery, expedited and daily copy transcripts.   

            Webinar Membership Subscription - Foundation Training for Total Eclipse online. 
             You train according to YOUR schedule. $399.99

            Topic Chosen by the Student:  2 hours - $300

            For Foundation Training with the Trainer - 10 sessions, 2 hours each.
            Contact me for a Strategy Session.

                                       PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE FOR THE
                                    FOUNDATION TRAINING WITH THE TRAINER  

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