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At 8:09 on November 18, 2019, Kimberly Farkas, RPR, CRR said…

Saw your post regarding Vegas. We have some RT work, not a lot, but we are VERY busy here.  You will have plenty of work.  We have a state cert.  It requires RPR and passing a written exam.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

At 13:40 on November 24, 2009, Renee said…
I saw a message from you on my page. It is dated January 16, 2009. That can't be right! Are you still looking for help? You can email me at
At 7:07 on June 23, 2009, Rita Clapp said…
My name is Rita Clapp, and I am looking for a court reporter to work with. I use the Total Eclipse NT software.

I have been working with a trial court reporter who uses the Case Catalyst program, so I’ve gotten an education with .rtf files as well as using the FTR recording device.

I am looking for long-term work relationships with court reporters, however am available for short-term and overflow work. I provide both standard and expedited services.

Rita Clapp
At 20:41 on June 22, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…
You're welcome, Gail!

That's awesome that you were able to get away and relax for a bit! And wedding's are always, always fun! :)

Have a great new year, Gail!
At 17:43 on June 22, 2009, Tori Pittman said…
Wish I were traveling to LA. Alas, I am not. My travels are curtailed by "the Man" that I work for (the State of NC) - since I've only been there about 18 months, I have very little time. *sigh*
At 15:43 on June 22, 2009, Dar said…
Hi! I'm in HI. Back to practice right now. Thanks for encouraging me. Thank you! Dar
At 18:15 on June 19, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…

At 8:36 on June 18, 2009, April McMillan, CRR, RPR, CSR said…
Graphics and Layouts at

At 7:21 on June 18, 2009, Depo Dynamics, LLC said…
Happy Birthday early, Gail. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and say hello!
At 20:26 on January 16, 2009, Sandy Young said…
Hi, Gail -- Unfortunately I'm really busy with my present clients. Glad it looks like you're getting some good responses. Thanks for checking!

At 20:26 on January 16, 2009, Linda Troxel said…
Hi Gail,
I am relatively new at scoping. If you feel this is something a beginner can do, I would be happy to help. You can email me at

At 16:04 on January 16, 2009, Sheila Butch said…
Yes, I'm available. Let me know how I can help. Unfortunately going on vacation Friday. I can work until then.

At 15:12 on January 16, 2009, Maeve said…
Hi Gail

I do have a heavy workload at the mo but might be able to help out with something. Let me know if you have anything that's not overnight. If it suits you I can email you during the week when I get through some of what I have. You can email me at
At 14:16 on January 16, 2009, Carolyn Maiorana said…
Gail - I would like to help you. Please let me know when you have a job for me. College is still here, as is Mr. Eggerbraten and his firm. Thanks, Carolyn
At 13:44 on January 16, 2009, Sally Neely said…
I am available if you still need a scopist. Contact me at
At 18:11 on August 26, 2008, Jackie Ostrom said…
Hi Gail,

I can't help you on Wednesday but I can on Thursday and Friday if you are still in a bind.

By now you have probably had so many responses you don't know which way to turn but let me know if I can help you out.

Jackie Ostrom
At 17:22 on August 26, 2008, Depo Dynamics, LLC said…
Hi, Gail

Nice to put a picture with the face. Thanks for the help lately. I know what you mean about being a new firm owner and exhausted! It's worth it, though! :)
At 15:18 on August 26, 2008, Sandra Hockenberry said…
Hi Gail,
Unfortunately, BoxCloud is one format I'm unfamiliar with. If it's for file transfer, I've used Skype and SendThisFile successfully. Be glad to give you some assistance if I could. I'd be willing to give it a shot if you still need help.
At 14:33 on August 26, 2008, Darlene MacDowell said…
Hello Gail,

Thanks for your interest in my scoping services. I wish I could come to the rescue to help with your particular urgency right now. However, with my current workload, I am working long hours and still need to clone myself.

I wish you the best in your new business and in recruiting scopists.


Darlene MacDowell
Absolute Transcripts
At 13:59 on August 26, 2008, Christie Browner said…
I am sorry I cannot help you at this time. My main reporter has me busy with a job lasting 3 days, and all with a videographer. Very rarely does she not keep me busy enough to where I am available to help other reporters. I hope you can find someone.

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