U.S. Court Reporting is a home-run company in Southern California that I believe is running a fraudulent business. The owner is a non-CSR and will contact a reporter one time to take a job, then never pay, never answer the phone, never return voice mail messages. It is my belief that she (the owner) has no intention of ever paying reporters who work for her, but just to pocket the money.

So far I'm aware of six reporters in and around Northern California who have had this experience with her. If there are others out there, I'd like to know. Maybe we can file a claim with the DA in her county?

Carole Browne

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Hope you do get paid, Debra. My update: Even though I didn't request a signature on my demand letter, sent certified mail, the USPS didn't deliver it, anyway. They left a pick-up notice, and of course, she didn't pick it up. So my next route is to send it Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, because they'll just deliver that, and I'll have confirmation that it was delivered. Although I wonder the sanity of throwing more good money (more postage) away. I'll keep you all posted, too, if I'm successful at either getting paid or serving her for small claims. At least it's really nice to have a place to vent and the moral support of all of you on this thread.
And actually, ladies, one of her victims did contact her client and insurance company (as did I but no response), and they didn't seem too upset about the situation! Hard to believe, but true! If anyone knows the new name she's operating under, please advise us all!
Yeah, that makes sense about the attorney. I'm having an issue with an attorney who called me to take a last minute job back in December who is now nonresponsive and won't pay me. My husband told me I should have COD'd him since he wasn't a "regular" client of mine.....should have listened. It's sad that people can't be trusted, and those of us who are honest get taken advantage of.
Hi Marisa! Thanks for putting the warning on the evite thing. Did you give them my contact info? As we discussed, I'm sure we'll get more names for "the list." I'm also pretty sure she just lies and whines to her client about how she hasn't been paid yet, blah, blah. Poor Lizzie.

I'm also thinking if I don't get a check by this Friday, that I'm going to actually directly bill the managing partner of the law firm I took the depo for (the one I spoke with last summer) and send the entire list to her and explain what's going on. She was actually very nice, but she also works for the insurance company, so we'll see.
I didn't give your info out, but said that if anyone is a vitim or knows of one to call me and I will put them in contact with you! Glad this site is up and people are starting to read it! I will send you the Ambassador info soon. sorry for the delay. I have been under the weather for over a week and have little energy! Hope you are doing well!
Thank you for this very important warning. I passed it along to my reporter friends and teachers.
Diane Hickman
Yes, add me to your list. It all happened just as you said. I even called the noticing attorney about it several times, and they too, didn't respond to any of my phone calls!! I would really like to pursue this too!
Hi, Lisa. Although there are a number of us that have been duped by this woman, we haven't pursued it. For myself, I figured it would involve losing more time from work to attend court appearances, etc., and I decided to cut my losses. The scenario is always the same: Hire a reporter to do one job, and one job only. The paycheck never, never, never arrives. The noticing attorney either ignores phone calls or else blatantly says since they've paid their bill, that's the end of their responsibiity. Was your experience recent?
You're probably right about cutting your losses, but I want to put a stop to this lady! It's terrible what she's doing out there. Now I hear she's doing the same thing in another state!

My experience with her was in early '07.
Hi Carole, I'll be in the SF area March 18-22 or a workshop. Maybe we could get together one evening. Thanks for the US Ct Rptg warning. Like our profession needs such nonsense. BTW, you look gorgeous in your picture. Hope to stay in touch! Anita
Wow, it's so great to hear from you! We never made it to NAB last year, and we won't be there this year, either. I'm sorry about that because I always enjoy the getaway. I'm working in court a lot these days, so driving to SF may not be doable. And once you start your workshop, I know how busy you are! Your seminars/workshops are so great! I learned so much from you! Are you flying in early on the 18th or coming a day early?
Coming in a day early; the workshop is March 19 - 22. Always nice to hear from you. We use your name in EVERY workshop (when I talk bout ending letter alphabets). Glad work is going well. Sorry you won't make it to Vegas - NAB but when you do, be sure to look us up. I'm off to have a very fun day (yes, work, but still fun).


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