I have posted this question on other forums, but I have not received a satisfactory answer.
What is the difference between scoping for machine reporters vs. voice writers? As I understand, the voice writers also create a written copy. The difference is how each reporter creates that document. Am I not understanding correctly? I am interested in expanding my client base, so would appreciate comments on scoping for voice writers.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Having been a court reporter (machine writer) and now a scopist, I would assume that the only difference would be that with a machine writer there would be an actual text file to scope, and with a voice writer there would be digital audio to transcribe, but no text to send to a scopist. That could be totally wrong, but that would seem logical to me. So it would be transcribing vs. scoping, I would think.
Sabrina and Karen-

Thanks for your response. I thought when the voice writers were speaking, a written transcript was being produced from voice recognition software. I have recently done some transcribing from .wav or .dvf files with a reporter, so I should have no trouble working with voice writers.

Appreciate the opinions.
The .dvf files are digital voice files that are provided to my reporter by a third party. If memory serves, it comes from a Sony digital recorder.
Some voice writers do have real-time software. It works like a machine writer's software. I have Eclipse.
Hi. I am a voice writer. I use Procat software. My typist/scopist types in Word Perfect, so I send her the file in that along with my audio file (.wav file or MP3 file) which is then uploaded into Exscribe (spelling?). She then just listens to the audio and makes the necessary corrections in WP.
Thank you for responding. So, do you transcribe using WP and send that to your typist/scopist, or is there a text file generated via Procat which you send?
My recognition is not that great, so she usually starts from scratch typing in WP.
Thank you for starting this thread. I have also wondered how this is done and what the difference is. It is nice to know that purchasing another CAT editing system may not be necessary.

Do many voice writers use scopists?
Not many, unfortunately.

I have also been told that voice writers do not uses scopists as much as machine writers.


Since you are a voice writer, do you have any insight to this? Is it because in many cases it may be more transcription than scoping? Just curious on how I could better market my services. I offer transcription as well.

My typists have found that it's easier to just type the job from scratch. Are you looking to take on more work? If so, what are your rates/turnaround? Do you type in Word Perfect? Also, do you have digital transcription software?
I am definitely willing to take on more work. Please see my Web site for information about rates and turnaround times. I offer a 10% discount on the first job with a new client.
I have Express Scribe and Transcription Buddy for software, as well as foot pedals that work on each. I have Word rather than WP, but, depending on the version you use, there is a section in Word help that talks about converting between Word and WP. I also have a text editor, TextPad, for strictly text documents. It has no frills for formatting.


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