I have two reporters who have not paid me. Their bills are over a year past due. Can I post their names here to warn others?

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Are you a scopist and that's why they owe you money, for scoping work? Just curious.

To get to your question, I would not risk listing a name on a forum like this. It's too risky for you. Go the legal route. Small claims court should resolve your issue, or pay a lawyer to write a letter, or go to a collection agency. I'm sure there are other ideas out there on how people collect. That would be a proactive step for you to take, but in my opinion slamming people on forums is not wise. Good luck!
Did you get the work to them on time? Was it good work on your part? Were both reporters happy with your work? What are they saying as to why they refuse to pay you? How much are you owed?

If the answer to the first 3 questions is yes, then this is truly a shameful thing. What are they thinking? You should definitely warn other scopists privately about them.

One of them was my first reporter. She worked with me when I was "green." She was a pretty bad writer and I was a pretty bad scopist... LOL! I worked for her for over a year. I always bent over backwards for her. My scoping improved, and she had high praise for my work.

She had a lot of financial problems, so it was one excuse after another as to why she couldn't pay me. She would send a check every few months, but it would be for about half of what her balance was. I should have known better than to let her bill get so high, but I was new and I wanted the work. I also truly believed that she would pay me. We had become "friends." I guess that's another mistake I made.

I had joined in a discussion on the scopists support group (yahoo) about deadbeat reporters. I told my tale, but didn't say anything that would give anyone a clue as to who she is, then I made another mistake. I told her about the SSG group. She went there and saw my post. Of course, she recognized herself.

I got an angry e-mail from her stating that I had "ruined" her reputation and that she was not going to pay me. I got a lawyer (my sister's fiance) and he sent her a letter. He received a voice mail from her stating that she knew she owed me the money, but she was not going to pay me.

She has blocked my e-mails and IMs and has changed her phone number. She has also moved, and has possibly gotten married. She owes me over $2,000.

The other reporter, well, I don't know what her story is. She contacted me over a year ago. I did two, very small jobs for her. After I turned them in, I never heard from her again. I had called and left voice mail messages, I have emailed her, but she is ignoring me. She doesn't have an explanation for why she has refused to pay me. Her bill is only about $75 or so.

From what I understand, this is the M.O. of both of these reporters. I wish I had known that before I worked for them.
This is totally inexcusable behavior on both those reporters' part. Even if they were not happy with your work (which it seems they were) they should have paid you but just never used you again. It's bad enough that there are so many dispicable attorneys out there stiffing the agency owners, but to have court reporters doing it to their vendors!!!! Shameful, shameful. These two reporters need to get a hold of themselves, put their childish feelings of failure and irresponsibility behind them, step up to the plate and do the right thing by working out a payment plan. For that one reporter to accuse you of ruining her reputation!!!! She ruined her own reputation. It's just a crappy excuse in her irresponsibile, childish mind for not paying you. It's reporters like these that make us all look bad. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I get very upset when I have to sue attorneys for payment. Very disheartening when you bust your but to get transcripts to them quickly and then they don't pay you - same thing with your working relationship with these two reporters.

Can you name them? It's my understanding libel and slander must be lies and it's very hard to prove a case of libel and/or slander. They would have to hire an attorney and get into expensive litigation. However, as you know, it has happened. If you are telling the truth then you can name them in my lay opinion. BUT I am not a lawyer so what do I know! Why take a chance. Maybe mention where they live and their initials?

I once warned another agency about an incompetent reporter she had hired. She turned around and told the reporter what I had said. Nice, huh? Anyway, her lawyer/brother called me screaming that he was going to sue me for slander and I said, but I told the truth. I said, you should spend time helping your sister instead. She needs help! But, I can tell you, I won't help that agency owner again, that's for sure. BTW, never heard from the lawyer/brother and I think she's still working. Makes us all look bad.
I completely and 100% agree with Cynthia.
Even if they were unhappy, they could have simply paid her and never used her again.

As far as naming people here.. well, its up to you as long as you include your first and last name on CSRnation.

That said, if I were you I wouldn't name them, I would do the following instead.
1- try my best using the nicest methods to get paid.
2- if all fails, file a lawsuit.
3- or just call it a loss and move on with my life.

I am chasing an agency for unpaid invoices... naming them and screaming bloody murder on the internet is only going to hurt me and not them, sigh.
Despicable! I would have anyone who might want to know send you a personal IM or e-mail and you can pass it along that way.

Good Luck!
I just wish there was a way to warn people so that they can make an informed decision when deciding whether or not to have a working relationship with someone. Both reporters are on Eclipse.
Renee, you can post the names... I just worry it might somehow back fire on you.
(its why I never posted the name of the agency that owes me money, I dont want the other agencies to think this is how I deal with problems)
If people ripped you off, feel free to share those names.
Why don't you go to the Yahoo scopists' site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scopistssupportgroup. They name cities and initials on that site. They also do a lot of "Have you ever worked with/heard of..." types of posts.
Wow, this yahoo group has been around for 9 years! I dont think I was even a videographer back then.
Yeah, it's also a good place for reporters to visit to see what types of topics are being posted. For instance, if you're looking for a new scopist, it's a good place to visit to make sure the person you're checking out isn't badmouthing reporters (not a good sign).
Hi Renee,
I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to add a comment. I asked an attorney (today, actually) about libel and she said as long as what you state is true, you can't be sued. Hope that helps!


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