Enlarged Patron saint's cards for court reporting's patron saint St. Cassian of Tangiers

For the past several years I have been providing the court reporters ' St. Cassian of Tangiers patron saint's cards.

Those cards are still available.

However, I have recently made some great enlargements of the patron saint's card that I wouild like to supply to court reporters who have a place to display them to the public, whether in their offices or at their state conventions.

Also, I am supplying poster sized copies of the various versions of The Court Reporters' Creed for the various types of court reporters, stenotype, voice writers and electronic court reporters.

To view the above items, please visit my website http://courtreportersmuseum.info

I am the only one who is making these cards available to my fellow court reporters, and so the help of any other reporters in making these cards available for the enjoyment and encouragement of our fellow court reporters and students is appreciated.

I thank those very nice court reporter associations that have helped me to distribute court reporter creeds and patron saint's cards to their members at their conventions. That help of those court reporter associations is greatly appreciated by myself.

Bill Parsons

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