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Started by Christine. Last reply by Christine Dec 14, 2009.

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Comment by Chris on October 11, 2016 at 8:53

Regarding the spacing of the keys, I actually measured when I got my new Impression because I felt that something about it was different as well, but the width of the keyboard was the same as my old 8000LX.  Whatever difference there was, I adjusted fairly quickly to it.  Particularly with the touch of these machines, it is very light.  I've heard the description of your fingers dancing across the keyboard.  If you have a heavier touch, that will be an adjustment. 

The weight of the machine to me was a godsend.  Even lifting it in/out of the car is much easier.  I have a rolling case, well-padded, and the times I have to lift it over a curb or carry it up steps is much easier than when I had my old writer.

I have written hours at a time and there is definitely less fatigue in my shoulders and hands.  The one caveat to that is it may not actually be the writer but the chairs we are working in.  I have actually ached from a few-hour depo in the collarbone area/shoulder area because of the inability of my arms to move freely from the armrest on chairs.  It's as if I am holding my arms in so as not to bump my elbows while writing.  After a few hours I notice I have pain.  Many of the Regus or similar-type facilities have these weird chairs that you almost need a PhD to adjust.  You have to ask the receptionist if they have a more user-friendly chair for our purposes that are kept in the back.

I go armed with a back cushion but it's not always good enough.  If I am driving to a job and it's being held at a Regus, for those locations where I know they don't have a decent chair I've started bringing my own.  Even a fold-up chair is better than one with arms, although the seat height can be uncomfortable after a period of time because your spine is compressed.

Whenever you get a new piece of equipment, there is always an adjustment period and it will take patience, which we may not always have an abundance of. 

I still like this writer and am not willing to throw it under the bus.

In my reporting career I have learned three different software programs and have had three different writers.  There is always a frustration when you're embarking on something new because it isn't what you're used to.  Somehow you get through it and eventually your buyer's remorse becomes an afterthought.

Comment by Kelli Combs (admin) on October 8, 2016 at 7:02

ProCat blocked me from posting on their page; they only want positive feedback and no negative comments apparently.

Comment by Donna Leigh Scott on October 7, 2016 at 20:58
So sorry to hear that. I got my Impression last year in January and it's a dream. No problems with it at all. In fact, yesterday I was so glad I had it because my laptop would not record so I used the writer's recorder and tech walked me through dumping the job after he took control of my laptop to see what happened to my sound. I've dealt with ProCat for probably 20 years and have always had excellent customer service and been treated very well. In fact, they have bent over backwards for me and often at no charge. I'm not sure how you can build a writer that has keys closer together than normal. Mine seems the same as my Flash as far as spacing of keys but with a lighter and easier touch. Anyway, so sorry to hear of someone having a bad experience.
Comment by Trina F. on October 7, 2016 at 20:16
Kimi's court reporting page on Facebook. I don't know if you'd want to put it on the ProCAT page. I prolly wouldn't. And gee, the one I just tested at the DRA convention was like a dream! So much nicer than the Luminex, IMO. But I'm not in the market for a new machine at the moment.
Comment by Kelli Combs (admin) on October 7, 2016 at 20:11

I have an Impression writer that I bought about three years ago and I do like the writer. I talked a friend into buying the new Impression this year. Well, apparently there have been some tweaks and things are not the same. I even tried to write on the writer and the keys are way too close together, which makes you have more mistakes. I was thinking of buying it from her because I felt so bad, but my writing was terrible on the new machine. Procat has blocked me from posting any feedback about their writers; guess they only want positive reviews. Here is my friend's post to me today about the new Impression, which I feel so bad:

I have decided to sell my writer. I just can't even bring myself to work on it. It's just crazy. I started to set it up the other day after the company tweaked it for me, and as soon as I started to play with it, I just couldn't do it. I don't want the learning curve. My wrist still bothers me from the first time I wrote on it for those two days. I really don't want to put the time in on it. I probably should, but I have this mental block about it. I don't like how the screen doesn't drop down, I don't like how I just don't feel I can ask questions to the company about it because I always have to go through the lady that answers the phone who was down right nasty to my in an email, and I just have such a bad taste in my mouth over everything that went on with this writer Anyhow, just wanted your input on ways to sell it. I noticed on Ebay they sell writers, so will probably post there. Do you have any other suggestions. It is brand new, I wrote on it twice (oh, yeah, you wrote on it once too).

Lori, sales rep, reached out the other day in an email and asked me how it was going and if I was using the machine. I told her no, that I wasn't going to use it and did she have any suggestions on selling it. Hmm, never heard back from her again. I bet her nasty boss told her to not reply back and just leave it alone. Not sure why she didn't get back to me, really, but expected her to reply if only to say sorry to hear that and I really can't advise you on selling or some such thing, but anyhow...

Comment by Chris on September 23, 2016 at 17:03

I called in to tech support a week ago and we made some tweaks to my Impression.   I still have one issue in that I am getting number translation like I'm hitting the number bar, but I don't use it.  Examples:

5u6 for off

2345 for that

4ou78 for how many

Can anyone suggest how to fix this?  I'm under time constraints.


Comment by Chris on September 15, 2016 at 15:18


Finally heard back.  Thx.

I had called during business hours.

It's all good.

Comment by Christina on September 15, 2016 at 14:52

Chris, did they call you back?  Are you calling 800.966.1221?  That's the number I call and have always had someone call me back in a timely manner.  Also, what kind of service contract do you have?  I only have the business hours plan so would not expect any help at times other than those.  There's a 24-hour plan and an extended plan, which is 9 am - 9 pm, as well as the business hours plan.  

Comment by Chris on September 15, 2016 at 8:00

How many times do you have to call procat before they'll return your call?

I'm needing to get some info from customer service.   Crickets.

Is there a secret door or magic password?

Comment by Lisa Berryhill on April 23, 2016 at 11:18

Thanks, Rosie. I had to call support, but evidently you have to go into Edit page Headers and then press the space bar.


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