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Bee Sting on Tip of Finger
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Started this discussion. Last reply by April McMillan, CRR, RPR, CSR Apr 22, 2009.

Coming back for inflected endings, WHY????
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Jeanese Aug 18, 2008.

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Magnum Steno Fan Club

Let's all get together and learn to write shorter, cleaner, and faster the Mark Kislingbury way. "Write Short - Write Fast!"
Apr 28, 2020
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Magnum Steno Fan Club

Let's all get together and learn to write shorter, cleaner, and faster the Mark Kislingbury way. "Write Short - Write Fast!"
Apr 4, 2020
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Magnum Steno Fan Club

Let's all get together and learn to write shorter, cleaner, and faster the Mark Kislingbury way. "Write Short - Write Fast!"
Oct 25, 2019
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Magnum Steno Fan Club

Let's all get together and learn to write shorter, cleaner, and faster the Mark Kislingbury way. "Write Short - Write Fast!"
Apr 12, 2019

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April 2008: MY BOY QUALIFIED!!

July 2008: I JUST PASSED THE 280 Q & A!! WOO-HOO!!!

October 17, 2008: Clay took the CA CSR for the first time.

October 25, 2008: My boy takes and PASSES the RPR WKT. WOO-HOOO!! Photobucket

October 29, 2008, 9:13 p.m.: Clay thinks his mom is a total dork.

November 19, 2008: Clay finds out he passes the CA CSR with five errors.

(He really is going to think I'm a dork now, but I just can't help myself!!)

June 2009: My boy gets some more letters -- RPR.


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30 years experience.

I also do your laundry.

Fee: FREE!!!!!!

Looking for clients who can look me in the eye and melt my heart. You also need to be a conscientious hard worker who makes me sooooo proud.

It helps if you've come from my womb, but that's not a deal breaker. :)

Posted on September 21, 2009 at 0:19 — 9 Comments


I just logged in today and am completely overwhelmed by all the beautiful, heartfelt birthday wishes. You all are so incredibly thoughtful, and I'm so lucky to be able to call you my friends!!

You're all the best!!!!!

Posted on September 17, 2009 at 9:52 — 6 Comments

Taking the Kathryn Challenge

Okay, Kathryn, here goes:

1. First and foremost, be the kind of mom my kids are proud of.

2. Be the kind of wife my husband looks forward to waking up with every day.

3. Take at least two family vacations out of state/country a year.

4. Qualify in all three legs of the NCRA speed contest in one sitting before I die.

Posted on May 25, 2009 at 18:29 — 4 Comments

Mark Kislingbury's in San Diego Saturday, April 11.

Let's get a group rate going!!

If you haven't already signed up to go, let me know if you're interested.

This seminar will sooo step up your game!!

Posted on April 4, 2009 at 10:05 — 6 Comments

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At 9:22 on December 25, 2009, Candice said…
I am loving my manicure/pedicure..Thank You So Much!! I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas!
At 18:19 on November 25, 2009, CARLEY JOANNE BAGATELOS said…
You are definitely not the average reporter!!!
At 7:58 on November 23, 2009, Christine Kirley said…
Sent you an e-mail. Should have let you know here sooner.

Golf?!! Wow.
At 1:07 on November 21, 2009, Trevor McCutchen said…
Thanks, Tami! You're so nice keeping me up to date on the numbers! haha Well, I transferred and I just commented back to you! I'm a C.S.R.!! YAHHHH!
At 14:18 on November 20, 2009, Alexis McCutchen said…
Covering all my bases again! And Cutting and Pasting, 'cuz my hands are sore from texting!

CSR IN THE HOUSE!!! My son PASSED! Trevor, I'm so proud of you! I LOVE YOU!!!! Mama loves you, Mama loves you!!! And, if they get his # online today, he already has a job on Monday!!! YOU ROCK...AND YEAH -- I'M A DORK. ;-) BUT A PROUD ONE I AM

Tami -- So do I officially get the award for 2009? And, Christine for 20010?!?
At 17:02 on November 18, 2009, Michelle Carrillo said…
I see you are missing Monti. This is where he is: http://www.courtreporterconnect.com/home.php
At 8:41 on November 16, 2009, Trevor McCutchen said…
LOL!!! Thanks for the number, Tami. It's funny how you mentioned that. I keep going to that site every day and searching for my name hoping a "MCCUTCHEN, TREVOR" will appear! haha.
At 11:14 on November 12, 2009, Trevor McCutchen said…
Thanks! Just two more weeks until I find out if I passed the machine portion AND become a licensed reporter!!!! Woohoo!! :-)
At 10:56 on November 9, 2009, Tami McVey Wilson said…
Ahhh, yes. The CRR...well, let me just say that after the test on Saturday, I took a break from being a court reporter for a couple of days. Didn't look at my machine and didn't even break out my laptop. Thus, the being offline for so long.

I must say this. This the third time I've taken this test. The first time I was in a lot of physical pain at the time. I was having undiagnosed back issues (apparently doctors haven't gotten our job descriptions yet. Since our job is sedentary and I'm on the thin side, why the heck would I have any back, neck or shoulder problems??) and some serious neck and shoulder pain. Much better now.

The second time I took it, it was very easy...so easy I looked at my laptop and saw that I had mis-stroked and...tripped. After that I was so angry at myself I just wanted it to be over. I felt fairly confident even then. I'm a clean writer, but a biiiigggg dropper.

On Saturday, I've been so busy trying to implement so many briefs and styles to shortcut my writing, that I now have too much hesitation. I need to get my speed back up. The most positive thing I can say about this test is that I felt I did as well as the last one, and this one was much more difficult. So even though I'm sure I didn't pass, I feel that there has been progress. And for now, that's good enough.

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. Fortunately I am surrounded by some great staff reporters here at my courthouse. There was lots of cheering going on beforehand, and then as many 'atta boys afterwards.

Now I am going to check out Mark's site and learn some new techniques. I'm just not sure I can do all words in a single stroke. I stack enough as it is. :)

By the way, how did your son feel about the test? I'd be curious to know his thoughts on the subject as well.
At 9:07 on November 9, 2009, Tina Givens said…
*sigh* *sniff* *sniff*

How do you know just the right thing to make a girl feel better?? Thank you so much for the kind words. I refuse to let this get me down. The reality is I have waayyy too much on my plate, but it's not going to change for several more years. I just gotta keep plugging away and hope for the best. All I can do I what I can do, you know, and try not to let it overwhelm me. I rarely succeed with that, the not being overwhelmed, that is!

I've put it behind me. Only looking ahead. 2010 is my year, lol!!

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