Who else is all caught up?

I am. Just in time to be sick. In fact, I was getting sick on Thursday, but I was scheduled for a job that afternoon. Expert accident reconstruction w/expedite. I was totally dreading it.

Then it turned out to be pretty easy and only about an hour and a half.

Thank God Friday's job canceled.

I got home Thursday, collapsed in bed w/fever of 101.6. Tossed & and turned, and was up at 3:30 to get that job done and sent in. Really, I think I was tossing and turning bec. I knew it was an expedite and I just can't relax until I get those out.

Once I did it, I was able to relax. I'm going to spend my weekend recuperating.

What do you all do when you're all caught up?

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Caught up? What's that?
I am, the first time since June, lol. I finished my bookclub book: Pillars of the Earth, and it was awesome! I finished two of my photography proof sessions. I did some laundry...now to fold it?? I took my DD to High School Musical on Ice Tour...they had seats for $13 this week, lol. I have been sick, too! JUST getting over that. Last night is the first night since the weekend after Christmas I did not take my Tylenol Cold nighttime med! Had a horrible cough that whole time! Did Parole Boards last Wed and had a few times of coughing.

I will start working on my Boards tomorrow tho, but I am considering myself 'caught up' as that is all I have to work on, lol.

Whoo-hoo. It's a good feeling to be caught. I can feel ill in peace w/no transcripts begging to be worked on. I find that I spend a lot of time online.
When I'm all caught up, I just lay on the couch and watch all my Tivo'd shows........ALL DAY!!!!! lol lol lol


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