I'm gong to finally get a little break. Heading up to San Francisco Labor Day weekend. Would love any good restaurant recommendaions.


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Had a great 3 days in San Francisco about 6 years ago!! Loved all 3 of these restaurants and you can see what the two of us had and how much. (they're all still there; I just checked)

Dinner: First Crush, 101 Cyril Magnin, San Fran GREAT 415-982-7874 (corner of Ellis) www.firstcrush.com
Flight (3 samples of wine):
Ray of White $9
The Mixer (red) $10
crush salad $8
seared ahi tuna $13
crab cake $9.50
grilled salmon filet $17 + tax 5.66 = $72.16 + tip

brunch: Savor, 3913 24th St, San Fran 415-282-0344
maya (side chorizo) $8.95
black bean chili $1.25
avocado side $1.25
rio grande $8.95
English breakfast $2.25
coffee $1.75
tax 2.18 = 27.83 plus tip GREAT

Dinner: Green’s Restaurant, Fort Mason, Building A, SF CA 94123 415-771-6222
77.85 + 15 tip = 93.00
Sparkling water bottle $5.50
appetizer sampler $9
spinach salad $9
root veggie lasagna $19.50
pasta dish $17.50
decaf mochachinno $4.25
mousse cake $7, tax 6.10 = 77.85 + tip GREAT

I can't wait to go back to that great city!

me too!! so I just had some extra sharp white cheddar with red grapes and fresh figs for brunch. (once or twice a year I succumb and buy cheese and boy, am I loving it!)
Marge, you never cease to amaze me. Never.


haha, thank you, Mary Ann, my dear girl!! That's some luscious combo of food items, huh??!!
Hi, Kyung,

I'd recommend just about any of the restaurants in North Beach. If you like garlic, you're sure to love The Stinking Rose, specializing in everything garlic. It's casual and funky atmosphere. If you like seafood, Fishermans Wharf is a must. Even just for the sidewalk crab stands where you can get a fabulous crab and sour dough bread sandwich.

Enjoy your stay,

I like the House of Prime Rib on Van Ness. I also like Ruth's Chris, which is also on Van Ness. I'll be interested to hear where you ended up going. Have a wonderful stay.

Well, whereabouts are you staying? There is a great Italian place South of Market called Bucca de Peppo (sp?) that's very close walking distance from Market Street. Asia SF is a great place for the show they put on. HINT: Remember you're in SF if you go there. There is a new place called Pillow where you eat in bed and the servers wear.....pajamas...yeah I'll call it that. And I think there is one place called The Slanted Door (?) which everyone raves about. If you want great ice cream go down to the Warf by the chocolate factory. There is a great place there to get many flavors.
Great Italian place downtown - http://www.cafetiramisu.com

Caffe Sport, also Italian, is my fav in North Beach - http://caffesport.ypguides.net/

My absolute favorite restaurant is Thanh Long. It's the "original" Crustaceans Restaurant that was opened by the An family - http://www.anfamily.com/Restaurants/thanhlong_restaurant/displaypag...

There's a fantastic dinner show on Pier 29 called Teatro Zinzanni. I highly recommend it. It's a bit on the pricey side, but for a dinner and show, I think it's worth every penny. Must buy tickets in advance - http://love.zinzanni.org/

Enjoy our beautiful city :)
After wrapping up a depo that I reported this summer, an attorney from New York asked the attorney from San Francisco for restaurant recommendations. I wrote down those recommendations for my own future purposes as well, and now I pass them on to you. Hope they're helpful.

First he recommended the Slanted Door, which has been mentioned several times here in this discussion so it must be good.

The second restaurant was Boulevard at 1 Mission Street for "a steak done right" and "superb" seafood. He did say that this place is quite pricey.

Have a great time this weekend.
If you're in the Marina District, you can check out Lucca's Deli. Best sandwiches ever! Whenever I go back to SF, I have to get some. The place is really small, so you'll have to find somewhere else if you want to sit and eat. It's just a few blocks from bay, so there's plenty of space in the parks around there, including Chrissy Field.
I like Caffe Sport also.
I tried to eat at Slanted Door but it was so crowded we would have had to sit on top of other people, and I can't stand that. My friend was kind of irritated with me because she really wanted to eat there.
Well, had a great time in SF yesterday. Thanks so much for all the recommendations, but seeing as I like to eat about 3 squares a day, I was unable to go to all the wonderful places that everyone recommended.

I had lunch at the Foreign Cinema. http://www.foreigncinema.com/ I had a poached egg and duck salad. The duck was wonderful. It was not fatty at all. My friend had the baguette french toast, which looked like cake. We also had some of the bacon. The bacon is damn good. Damn good. I will remember the duck fondly. My salad was perfect. Just enough to satisfy, bu light enough so I didn't feel like I had overeaten.

For dinner we went to The Slanted Door. My friend had made reservations at Lulu because he could not get reservations at Slanted Door. But the person at the restaurant said to call the day of for a cancellation. We had walked to the Ferry building and we dropped by to see if they had any tables open. We were seated immediately. The space is huge. The old one was much smaller. Again the food was delicious. We had the imperial rolls (yum), green papaya salad (great salad dressing), the Niman Ranch bavette (beef was really good), the chicken clay pot (the chicken had a wonderful marinade), the vegetarian glass noodles. The vegetarian glass noodles were the only that was not stellar. It was good, but everything else was stellar.

We tried to go to the First Crush, but we were unable to get in. It's really more of a restaurant than a wine bar. Our only disappointment.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.


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