I had an illuminating time at the Sacramento-area Eclipse User Group meeting yesterday, and it appears that the time may be ripe for a Bay Area group. I live in Danville, a strange suburb that is right off of Highway 680, about 12 miles south of Walnut Creek. So I suggest a Saturday meeting at my house toward the end of February. If you are interested, please respond with your email, and I'll keep you posted.

Blessings, Cathryn

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Hi, Cathryn,

I'm in Boulder Creek, but my mom is still in Fremont. I rarely get out of my little town, but I'd like to meet up with other Eclipsians. I could make it a Mom/Eclipse weekend! My email is

Wow, Jenny, I hope you're doing okay with all the storms. I heard talk on the news of evacuating in Felton. Lucky you to be among those beautiful redwoods, though.

You're definitely on the group list. I am thinking at this point in terms of March 1. That will give us time to spread the word and also to recover from the DRA convention! I think it will be a couple more weeks before any of us can take in any more information >wg<.

I am not an Eclipse rep or trainer, and I do not anticipate that anyone from Eclipse will be attending. But as yesterday showed, if everyone brings something to teach and something to learn, that makes for a very productive atmosphere, and everyone leaves with something new.

Blessings, Cathryn

I'm looking forward to getting together. I'm all for sharing information.

Yesterday, during a break from the rain, my husband and I drove out to Santa Cruz and walked along West Cliff Drive. We felt the need to get out from under the redwoods for a while. So pretty!
When I need to get away, I typically go to the beaches in southern San Mateo and northern Santa Cruz counties. My lucky beach is Waddell Beach, part of California's very first state park. I call it my lucky beach because I've been going there for years and years, and every time I visit, it shows me something new about itself.
Please send me and your friend's email addresses to, and I'll add you to mailing list.

I'll certainly post here as things firm up.

I'm in Stockton. Love Eclipse. Definitely interested in getting together.

Send me your email, and I'll put you on the list.

The date will be March 1, 10:00 a.m., here in Danville.
And you're on the list!


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