Hello, Stenovations users

I am a court reporter who is a digitalCAT trainer and Stenovations representative. I will be happy to answer any/all of your questions here.

Greta Duckett

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I need to learn how to do a word index for my records. I have Stenovations. Any one have any suggestions
Wow, that was simple. Thanks a lot.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks, Yvette, for answering the index question!
hello, greta. I have a lawyer that has requested a copy of a record and he has asked that I attach the word index to it and then create a cd. How would I append the word index to a job that is already completed. When I go to print index, the correct page numbers come up? Can you help me.
I'm not completely sure I know what you're asking.

You want your index to begin with page (whatever is next after your cert)? Click on the Page Numbers button and change the page number to the next number.

You want to put it on a cd? Print to a pdf maker then burn to cd.
I am stumped. When I print the record will the word index automatically print or do I go in and do that separate. Also, how would I save the word index to the record? That is where I am having a problem.
You would print the index separately.

What do you mean by save the word index to the record?
Hi, Melissa.

What are those nifty NCRA Guidelines? Want to see if I can set up a template myself and get it to work ... and hopefully be more able to answer your question.

Thanks ...!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I emailed you privately with some templates.

Hi there...

Been on digitalCAT for over 7 years now and would like to know how to get the buffer, I guess, it's called, at the bottom of the screen, off so it's just my whole laptop screen when I'm doing realtime, and so I don't have to hit the stroke to "dump" the text all the time.

I'm on the latest version and build, etc. etc.

Thank you.

Gina DiLuzio
Hi, Gina.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the buffer screen has to stay.

You CAN set the delay to 0, and then your strokes would pretty much bypass the buffer, but that's not quite what you're asking about.

But if there is a way, Greta will know it!

But of course I do!

Go to Translator, Steno Source. The second section is named Output Text. You have it on the first choice, One Line at a Time, which is the buffer zone you can see. You need either the second or third choice, depending on what you prefer. The second and third options are still buffers, but they are not visible like the first option buffer zone.

I use the second option, One Translation at a Time. It will hold back the stroke from sending the amount of time you have set in the Translation Timer. I have mine on 3000, which is three seconds. Zero disables the timer, but you will have terrible problems with multi-stroke outlines splitting and not translating. The default is 1500, or 1.5 seconds.

The third option, Hold Back ___ translations will hold back the number of strokes you have set in the value. That means, if you put a 3 in there, it will hold three strokes waiting to translate. If you have a four-stroke outline, it may push the three strokes out of the buffer, and it won't translate correctly.


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