the phrase, I'm not sure.

I hear this constantly!
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure I understand.
I'm not sure when/how/where... you name it.

Brief Encounters doesn't have one, and I suppose I can continue to live without it, but I was wondering if anyone else used a brief for that.

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I used to make up so many briefs when I was reporting, things that made sense to me. If I were to make up a brief for this, I think NOSH would be a good one, or NOISH.

Sabrina Schneider
S.O.S. Scoping Services
I use NOIRB. NORB is "not sure" and I just added the I.
NOIP - I'm not positive.

I use Marge's AOIMS for I'm sorry.
Oh, right, I made an error. Brenda, thanks for the heads up:
I'm sorry = AOIMS
I'm sure = AOIMZ
I'm not = AOIMT
I'm not sure = AOIMTS
I understand = INDZ

(great picture, Brenda!)
Thanks, Marge! :)
HAEB is "has been" for me, but that's a good phrase to brief! I'll have to work on that one.
has been = HAB

(Brenda, what do you use HAB for?)

have you had your deposition taken before = H*UP
have you ever had your deposition taken before = H*URP
You know, Marge, as I wrote that, I wondered why I did it that way and not HAB. Now I'm betting that I learned HAB for has been and HAEB for hasn't been, but that it got switched in my brain somehow. I do hasn't been in two strokes.
hmmmm, "hasn't been," I write that in 2, too. HAEB is free for me. This phrase is uttered a lot. I'm shocked that I don't have a 1-stroker for it.

I'm now searching my SM/ASCII folder. 35 lines to a page x 8 pages = 280 utterances of "hasn't been" since 1998 (when I started storing my work in SM). OK, not a ton but a lot.

Let's see how many utterances of "has been": forget about it: IT'S OFF THE CHARTS.

How often do we need to hear something to have a brief:
have you had your deposition taken before: i find about 10!!

So yes, HAEB will be "hasn't been" for me. I/we need it!!
oh you poor baby, THREE STROKES for relationship. oh my.

relation = RELGS
relationship = ROIP
relate = RELT
related = RELTD
do you say = DOUS
do you say that = DOUPS
do you see = DOUZ
do you see that = DOUPZ
did you say = DUS
did you see = DUZ
Marge, mine are nearly exact, but I never learned -P for "that." I wish I had, and I've made a lot of changes, but -P for that hasn't stuck for me.

Jeanese, oh no!! Three strokes for something so common. Shame on your theory. ;)
RIP - relationship
MEP - membership
PIP - partnership
FREP - friendship
SKLARP - scholarship
DOP - domestic partnership

or use OIP like Marge or something else, but -ship family is a good one to have.
I just did a SM search, and I find that what I hear more often than Have you ever had your deposition taken before? is Have you ever given sworn testimony before? But then they keep tweaking it - Have you ever given sworn testimony of any sort? Have you ever given sworn testimony in any setting?

They make it hard to come up with long briefs like that.
I know. I have a great brief that works for non-video:
I show you what's been marked as = SHAOIRKD

I don't care which variation of that phrase they say, they get I show you what's been marked as. But if it's a video, forget it.

How about:

have you ever = HUFR
have you ever given = HUFRG or H*UFRG
sworn testimony = SWAURM

"of any sort" could use a brief maybe. I get 2 pages + 15 = 85 utterances. something to think about. it's a 3-stroker.


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