the phrase, I'm not sure.

I hear this constantly!
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure I understand.
I'm not sure when/how/where... you name it.

Brief Encounters doesn't have one, and I suppose I can continue to live without it, but I was wondering if anyone else used a brief for that.

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Okay, I've been thinking about this instead of concentrating on my deadlines. I learned "of course" differently from a lot of people: VOERS. So V for of. With that in mind, maybe V-NS?

It's an open stroke for me. I'm going to give it a shot. Maybe V-ND for "of any kind."
of course = -FKS

I'm thinking this:
of any kind = VAOIND or VIND (both free for me)
of any sort = VORTor VAURT (ditto)
vined = VAO*IND

VOERS is free for me.

haven't = V-N
haven't had = V-ND

hasn't = HAUS
hasn't been = HAUB
has been = HAB
HAEB is free for me
HAEN - hasn't been, which is why I'm thinking I was taught HAEB for hasn't been, but i ended up using it for has been for some reason.

VAOIP or of any type, maybe?

V-ND haven't had! WAOFL!!!
hand = HAN
handy = HAEN

VAOIP is free!! excellent for "of any type," another annoying 3-stroker.

so to review:
of any kind = VAOIND or VIND (both free for me)
of any sort = VORTor VAURT (ditto)
of any type = VAOIP
voter = VOERT

haven't = V-N
haven't had = V-ND
haven't said = V-NDZ

wouldn't = WAO
wouldn't feel = WAOFL
wonderful = WUFL
lol I learned WAOFL for wonderful. That one will probably stick, just like PAO and RAO for piano and radio.

And yes, VOERT is voter!

We've made excellent progress in a few hours! :D
piano = PAO* (had to be switched to * because of. . .
portfolio = PAO

radio = RAO
radioactive = RAOFB
radioactively = RAOFBL
radioactivity = RAOFBT
radiology = RAOLG
radiologist = RAOLGS

Yes, great work!! Now to do some work!!!
ACK Marge! Portfolio is a three-stroker for me! Thanks!
OMG, 3 strokes for such a smart girl? such a common word? what, you couldn't do PORT/FOEL and at least have it at 2 strokes (which is still nuts but better than 3)? I don't get that!!!!!
LOL Until just over a year ago, Marge, I was the write-out queen!

Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I didn't have briefs that I didn't learn in school. Boy, I LOVE forums!!!!
glad you love 'em because you clearly NEED 'EM!!!!! I'm still shaking my head over PORT/FOEL/YOE!!!!!


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