I need help with any or all brief forms for calculate, calculator, and calculation. What do you use? Help.

And to add to it, I stroked "my calculator" out and it came up as Michael cue late or . I'll never pass the CRR. *sniffles*

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calculate - calculator - calculating - calculation

Do you ever go over to depoman.com? Check out their forum theory posts. You will pass the CRR one day - I did!

I use the same briefs - all one stroke, except I find myself coming back with a second stroke "g" for my "ing" ending in calculating. It's a habit I can't break for nearly 20 years. Hmmm.
I do the same as Jenny. But I also have Michael in one stroke: MAOIBLG. I came up with this one on the fly while this witness used Phillip (FL*IP) and Michael 150 times in 10 min. Think of writing -K and adding the -L, not -BLG. It really works!

NUBLG - knuckle
BUBLG - buckle
SAOIBLG - cycle

Ditto what Jenny said!
Thank you, guys! Haven't been on here for a while.

I really do need to shorten some of my writing. I think if I do that then it'll cut out a lot of added stress!

Thanks for the encouragement about the CRR, Jenny. :) All the ones you suggested are great, but I do use KLAIRT for "clarity." I'm so used to coming back having been a student of the StenEd theory, I think I'll be fine with using Kelli's KLAIT/ER. It is better than the "bizillion" strokes I used. Thanks again, y'all!

It's never to late to change your writing style. I started working towards the CRR after attending the Anita Paul Realtime Workshop in August of '05. Don't forget about using your software to sort out the conflicts for you. I write calculator and clarity the same too, but my A/I takes care of it for me. I hope you don't write later in two strokes!

Yes, I do write later in two strokes....what's wrong with that??? Just kidding. Thanks for enlightening me on that one just now. I guess I should stroke it LAIRT now?? That seems like a good one. I'm sure that won't conflict with anything. I guess I just feel like I should have a different stroke for every word or phrase. My AI is great, though. I just feel bad having conflicts.

Speaking of Anita Paul, she's coming to Kansas in October and I WILL be there. I'm pretty excited about that one because I've heard great things about her. October's a long way from now, though. :(
Jessica, calculator will come up WAY more often than clarity. But there's a way around the conflict. KLAERT for one of them. To me, it makes sense to use that one for clarity -- you hear the E, write the E.

LAIRT for later, yes. And this is a hard one . . . really hard. DON'T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT CONFLICTS! Really. The AI in software these days really are good at handling these. I've finally broken down and made THRU a conflict between through and tell you. After two depositions, Eclipse is choosing the right one every time.
Mysci, I came up with a set of 2000 year briefs, after writing them all in three strokes. They were so easy for me, so intuitive, that within the week, I was using them without hesitation. '01, '02 etc took me a little longer to get down because I heard O and had to hit the T. I had those down in less than a month, however. It's doable. Mostly, I think, the trick is to get a set of briefs that make sense to you, that you don't have to try too hard for. I'm making my newer briefs shorter and with fewer keys in them. Helps a lot.
With asterisks:

TWON 2001, TWO*N, '01
TW-FP 2007, TW*FP '07
TW-T 2008, TW*T '08

Oh, sweetie! So sorry to hear of this. You're doing pretty well now? You're on Depoman now, right? There are just TONS of messages about short shorter shortest writing techniques. I started out with a good theory, one that like briefs and phrases. As I continued to work, I started writing out more and more. I started with forums over on Yahoo and Tami was there scolding about write shorter write shorter! I didn't think I could change after 20 years.

My dictionary right now doesn't even resemble the one I was using a year ago. Now I resent every word that takes more than two strokes to write, and some of the two-strokers I resent! I don't have the SM book -- yet! -- but I'm incorporating everything I can remember that I read on Depoman.

Thing is, it's gotten me excited about writing again! I can hardly wait to get to a depo to try things out. :)
Good to hear, Mysci, on all counts.

That label maker is pretty darned slick, especially when they hand you a stack of exhibits. Set the numbers to advance automatically, click the print button while you're labeling the previous one. It's done in no time! Love the auto date feature too.


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