Well, I'll be taking a little vacay to Palm Springs, CA in a couple of weeks. I'm going w/my family this time.

If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations on restaurants or things to do, please let me know.

I'm definitely thinking of doing the aerial tram. My husband would probably like to golf. Any recommendations on a decent golf course that's not too expensive. I know, that may be an oxymoron.


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We were there several years ago and we took a fault line tour. The guy that did the tour also ran us around the windmills. It was interesting, informative, and a lot of fun. A relaxing time.
Sorry don't golf, but I certainly do eat. Sullivan's for steaks (great sweet potato casserole) and they have dinner deals between 5 & 6. Next door is Pacifica for great seafood. They're both in Palm Desert on El Paseo. For a good lunch go to Bagel Bistro in the Best Buy shopping area near the Westfield mall.

If you like the outdoors and animals there is the Living Desert. They have the meerkats like you see on Animal Planet.

Have fun. It is starting to cool off a bit and the nights are great!
Update on my Palm Springs vacay.

Palm Spring is a really nice place for a relaxing vacation. The pace is definite slower. We stayed at a timeshare w/a great pool area. There was something to do everyday. Great vacay if you've got kids. Also, it is pretty darn close to the Indian Hills Outlet Mall. Great place to stock up on work clothes and casual clothes and essentials.

Restaurant - good variety of restaurants, high end and middle of the road. I find it interesting that they much seafood in the middle of the desert. My top picks of the week, Gorilla Burger, Chophouse. They have a ton of Mexican food places as well.

We ended up visiting the Living Desert. They have a really nice butterfly exhibit.

The rotating tram is pretty cool. The parking lot is very slanted. It gave me a bad case of vertigo for a few minutes.


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