I found, well he found me, a male Siamese cat. If I can't find his owner, I'm going to try to find him a home. I'm not sure I'm going to want to keep him or not. We already have a cat, and he's not too happy about having company.

The cat is very sweet, friendly, and affectionate. He isn't fixed, declawed, or anything...but he definitely has potential. He is a purebred cat, I know that for sure. I am located in the Huntsville, AL area, and will only give him to someone who would truely care for him. If you are interested and want to see pictures, e-mail me at daniele.self@yahoo.com

Daniele Self

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I know I do, too! But my boyfriend is the one who doesn't want another cat. Surprisingly, he told me he is fine with him being in the garage for the week (boyfriend is on a work trip). So I guess we'll have to see what happens when he comes home. I think he has worms, and fleas for sure. We have some feline Frontline around here somewhere, but I'm going to keep him separated from my cat until I find out if he's sick or not. I don't know if he has FHIV or leukemia or any other common "stray" illnesses.

He is so sweet, though. He just flops right in front of you and purrs and rubs against you. He is dying to come inside, it's the saddest thing. Everytime I go out to the garage to check on him, I feel so bad shutting the door on him. Siamese cats are very needy, I should know, we have one that is mostly Siamese...just a lighter version. I should post some pictures if we decide to keep him.

Kelli, you are like me. I can't stand seeing an animal outside hungry and lonely. I think I would have a zoo if my boyfriend would allow it!
I agree wholeheartedly with Kelli! I also have four cats. They need time to get used to each other, such as leaving them in different rooms for a few days so they can smell each other beneath the door. Then switch rooms so that they can then smell where the other one has been, and, of course, don't leave them alone together until you are sure they can get along.

I also highly recommend getting him fixed as soon as possible. He needs you!!!
I am worried about the fact that he has claws and my current cat doesn't. I know, I know, some people think it's cruel to declaw cats. As someone who likes furniture without tears and a mother of an infant, declawing is necessary. So I guess he would have to be declawed as well, since if they got in a fight, my poor other kitty would have no chance. And then there would be THAT vet bill. This little guy isn't going to know what hit him. When we took our first cat, Sebastian, to the vet to get his nu-nu's cut off and declawed, he came back like, "What the he!! did you do to me?" It was sad, but he doesn't remember.

If I don't keep him, I will take him to a rescue place here that specializes in cats. It is a strictly cat rescue, and they charge somewhere around $175.00 for adoptions, so I know whoever did adopt him would take care of him. You don't pay that kind of money for a cat to just throw around. Plus, he's a purebred Siamese, and people always want those.

I hope we can keep him, but if we can't I know he will be taken care of by someone who will love him.


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