At 4:00 this Sunday, Oct. 19th, come have a drink with your fellow SoCal reporters at the W Hotel's rooftop bar in downtown San Diego ( It's only a couple of blocks from the train station, which is how I'll be going if anyone would like to join me.

If you have any questions or would like to be on the invitation list for future SoCal CSR Outings, email me at

Hope to see some familiar (and some not-so-familiar) faces!

Marla Williams

PS - There's sand on the floor of this rooftop bar, so flip-flops must be okay to wear. Neato, huh? Check out their web site above.

PPS - All are welcome - agency owners, calendar/office staff, scopists, videographers, officials and freelancers alike!

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I am absolutely bummed that I can't make it. I would have loved to come. Maybe the next one. Maybe a holiday one.
No. I've missed three, I think.
Only five of us showed this time. We still had fun, though. As much fun as I had with the ladies, it was hardly worth the cost of my train down to San Diego. Might be the last time I do that. I think I'll stick to OC or LA.

I'll put photos up soon. I'm working on a rough draft from H-E double hockey sticks. Indian witness on the phone. Grrrrr.
Hi Marla,
You are the best!!!! Thank you so much for the rates feedback. I am doing freelance work, but I am in the process of starting my own business. I have been traveling to LA myself, but have started to pick up with work and need to to cover two jobs and have ended up sending a reporter to LA for me. I wanted to make sure that I was on track with what I was paying her! Your list was absolutely perfect and comprehensive! I'm so excited thank you. I was going to post on there and see if I got any response about the rates that firms are charging clients, but I didn't think anyone would really know that. If you have any suggestions in that area, send them my way.

I also saw that you are coordinating a night out for SoCal reporters. Please count me in!!! I look forward to meeting you:)


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