Has anyone bought the new futuristic-looking writer that looks like something George Jettson's kids would play for a musical instrument?

I've used the same writer for 15 years now....and I'm look at new writers, hesistantly, afraid to get to "electronically" dependent.

Would love any feedback on the newest writers!


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I have blogged on my new Gemini Revolution at my page...pics and all...even of my new bag I 'had' to get, LOL!
Are you talking about the LightSpeed? Have it. Love it.
I thought she was asking about 'any', LOL! I would vote the LS the Jetson one tho!
I read more carefully and saw the "any" idea. But the Jetson's, yeah, that's mine! LOL
okay, yes! I've just looked at it more closely in the JCR mag. Now I'm confused. Is it a writer or a complete system that only incorporates digital CAT?
It's a writer compatible with every CAT system. I use it with Eclipse. Greta has pictures of it on her page and I think she has a blog or something about it here somewhere.
I've just browsed quickly the Stenovations website. Looks very interesting. HOw long have you been using it, and how do you like it? Do you use a tripod or what? Wow, I'm so amazed at the possibilities of this.
I've been using mine (RED) since September. It does have a tripod you can order, and I did order it. I don't use the tripod, just set it in my lap. I bought it because I couldn't imagine not using a tripod. Greta uses the tripod, but I much prefer using it in my lap.

I love it! There have been growing pains. I got one of the first ones out and it's taken some tweaking and some getting used to. You can't expect to get it and just take off. There's sensitivity settings to adjust.

It's wonderful as far as the aches and pains you get with a standard writer after a long day -- especially a 15-yo one! I came from a Stentura 8000, so I know what I'm talking about. :)

And when they say 1 lb, they ain't kidding! It's startling how light it is. I let attys hold it and they take it, knowing it will be lightweight, and their eyes bug out at just *how* light it really is.
Thanks for the info. I can't imagine writing with it in my lap, tho. But boy, oh, boy, as a deposition reporter who goes to different law firms in the City every day, I'd surely love to lighten my load!

thanks again, tracy
If you order it, don't bother ordering the tripod. Try it in your lap. If you still feel the need for a tripod, let me know. Mine's doing nothing at all! :)
I've got the LS also. Got it in September. Love it, love it, love it. I have no more painful wrists, no pinching of that nerve between your shoulder blades, you're able to move around. I agree with Brenda, don't waste your money on the tripod, you'd be surprised at how comfortable it is just having it in your lap. It's like having your laptop in your lap. And there is an adjustment period because the feel is very different. You no longer have to flop your wrists up and down, just move your fingers. You're actually able to write faster because there's no wasted motion. Once you get your sensitivity settings and get used to the touch, you should be off and running. I have Eclipse and have had no problems at all. I used it with SC32 for about 2 months until I switched, and had a minor problem, but it was reporter error and not software error. There's these laptop pillow thingys you can get at Office Depot or Office Max, Staples, whatever you've got, and you can put your LS on that if you want to bring it up a little on your lap. I tried it for a couple depos, the one that Mac had, but my arms are so long, it didn't work well for me and I took it back.
I think you'll love it too, especially if you're in pain like the rest of us, or were.
Brenda, just wondering, do you provide realtime for attorneys using the LS? If not, do you think you could?


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