I noticed a couple of profile pages that had pretty backgrounds on them and I was wondering how to get that for my page.

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Very good question, I was going to type up a long page on how tos but instead I decided to make short videos on "how tos" with pictures.
But for now, go to your page, exactly over your picture click on "edit page appearance" the rest should be self explanatory.
try out different colors and pictures and see what you like.
as always, if you need anything I am here for you :)
I don't have "edit page appearance" above my picture. I have "save" and "cancel." Did I delete it somehow or am I missing it? I should be working instead of trying to make my page pretty...
so let me see,
1- go to your page "my page" tab.
2- look right under "home"
3- you should see "edit page", "about me"..etc

*if you dont, please tell me what browser are you using.
Thank you!!


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