OK, this may be early, but I'm an entrepenuer at heart.

I'd like to reserve a website name for my future scoping and eventually freelance reporting buiness.

Give me you opinion on these three names.

Kim Verbatim
Verbatim by Kim
Kims Verbatims ( it is an acceptable plural in some dictionaries, in some not?)

Thanks for any opinions

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That's it right now, I'm still thinking....
I would recommend using your full name. It sounds more professional and responsible, more of the image a reporter wants to convey.
I don't like any of the names. I'd vote for Baltunis Verbatim Reporting!!
I agree with Cathryn and Marge to not get too cute with your business name. I think you can be a little more whimsical and brief with your website name, but if you're going to be using it for a court reporting business name, the more straightforward, the better. I also think a scoping name can be less formal but should probably include "scoping" or "scopes" in the title somewhere.


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