Hello. I was recently awarded TWO (2) huge contracts with calendars to be filled for depositions, arbitrations and administrative hearings beginning July 1st, 2008. Please contact this office (415) 348-0050 for complete details and application info. Government contracts are always timely and faithful ETF payments. Payments to reporters through ADP. RPRs, realtimers premium.

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Hello Estellar, I am in the Bay area, and am interested in learning a little more about these job opportunities. Can you email me and let me know what the possibilities are? My personal email is elise-captioner@comcast.net. Thx, Elise
Hi, Elise. Please call right away. We have 3-day job next week and also hearings right now. 415-348-0050
Available on 6/26? This is not part of the contract but give a call if you'd be interested. Doctor's depo in SF 415-348-0050
Hello, Easteller,

My name is Andrea Ignacio Howard, CSR, RPR, CLR. CSR NO. 9830

I would love to be put on your list of reporters for deposition or arbitration work. My cell phone number is 510-504-6512. I specialize in Intellectual Property, Business Securities Litigation, etc... I have traveld to Asia as well as London for work on ongoing cases, and offer realtime, internet stream, as well as rough ASCIIs. I cover the Greater Bay Area, Palo Alto, S.F., and Sacramento. Hope to hear from you in the future. I can be looked up on CSRNation as well. Have a great day!
Good morning, Andrea.
Thank you for your response. We expect to have calendars ready by mid July and August. The plan is to match reporters with their preferances and skills. I'll be happy to answer further questions. Call 415-348-0050 for the Questionnaire and any questions you may have.
July jobs. Please email me asap. ebruihl@yahoo.com. Calendar is now opened for new recruits.
I wonder if you can answer a question for me. I'm a new reporter in New York, and I'm planning on relocating to California this year. I know that in California you need the CSR to do depositions, but I also know that you do not need the CSR to take arbitrations, hearings, meetings etc. My question is will agencies actually hire reporters who don't have their CSR to take this type of work?
Most certainly, although now-a-days, even those areas you mentioned: public hearings, administrative hearings, arbitrations are frequently asking for not only a CSR but the RPR and less frequently a CRR. They ask for the CRR realtime reporter only to assure a top notch reporter but frequently decline it when the reporters shows up for the job.

However, private industry having seminars, staff meetings, lectures and the like don't seem to know whether they should ask for that classification and seldom do request certifications.

I keep a number of reporters in our directory who for whatever reason have never passed any test but continue to survive in the court reporting industry and, when the occasion arises, I call them right away.
I would really like to send you my information to keep on file for when I relocate, which will probably be the end of this year. I can email you my resume, if you like. I plan on taking the upcoming RPR exam, and the CSR exam as soon as I am eligible. My email is Jmbenci@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for your help!
Got 'cha! I am storing your email and wish you much success. Keep me posted as to your progress, vis-a-vis, relocating and passing the exams. If you're certified in another state, all the better, too.
am i guess star reporting or now??
Hi, Lucy. Nice to hear from you but I don't quite understand the email. Could you email me privately? I think you know the info@starreporting.com address? Thanks.


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